Best 2 Accredited Veterinary Schools in California

Veterinary medicine, often known as veterinary science, is a branch of medicine focused on preventing, controlling, diagnosing, and treating illnesses that impact the health of domestic and wild animals as well as preventing the spread of these illnesses to humans.

By keeping an eye on and maintaining the health of the animals used to produce food, veterinarians guarantee a safe source of food for people.

Veterinary Schools in California

  1. University of California – Davis Veterinary Medicine

With a school, hospital, specialty clinics, research centers and institutes, and other operations across the state and the globe, Davis, California-based UC Davis Veterinary Medicine is a top-ranked academic medical center on the national level.

The mission of the DVM program is to provide exceptional educational experiences, grounded in evidence-based, best practices in veterinary medical education, preparing competent, confident graduates to begin careers advancing the health of animals, people, and the environment.

The professional curriculum at UC Davis is a four-year program of academic study and clinical skills training leading to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree.

Each student is provided with a broad foundation of knowledge and skills in comparative veterinary medicine, before choosing a species-specific stream in small or large animal.

Address: Garrod Dr. Davis, CA 95616

Phone: (530) 752-1393

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  1. Western University of Health Sciences

Their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) program is a four-year program that emphasizes problem-based learning under the direction of a respect for life philosophy.

Wellness care, main and tertiary care, client communication, peer networking, and business training are all included in your education.

They reaffirm their dedication to the AAVMC Principles of Inclusion as an American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges (AAVMC) member.

A cutting-edge student-centered curriculum that is efficiently offered in partnership with other educational institutions and the private sector characterizes the College of Veterinary Medicine as a new paradigm in veterinary medical education.

Address: 309 E. Second St. Pomona, CA 91766-1854

Phone: (909) 623-6116

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