Accredited Pharmacy Schools in Massachusetts 2022

You can find the best Pharmacy Schools in Massachusetts as they have remained a powerhouse for pharmaceutical research and development.

Below is a list of the available pharmacy schools in Massachusetts.

Pharmacy Schools in Massachusetts

1. MCPHS University School of Pharmacy

Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (MCPHS) is a private, not-for-profit, healthcare-focused university with a full spectrum of healthcare programs.

As a teaching institution, they are passionate about their students, and they are equally passionate about advancing into careers in a vital industry.

While it’s nearly impossible to put a price on building your life around your passion, they think you’ll find that MCPHS is a remarkable, all-around value for what you get in return.

MCPHS prepares PharmD students to succeed in a variety of rewarding pharmacy careers.

The profession is expanding far beyond the retail counter: pharmacists not only prepare and dispense life-saving medications but also play an ever-expanding role in clinical care.

They can also develop drugs, help shape health policy, and even prepare medical kits for travel to space. Whatever your pharmacy career goals, the PharmD field at MCPHS will provide you with world-class, interprofessional learning to position you for success.

MCPHS offers different pathways to your PharmD, whether you want to start your bachelor’s degree here or earn your doctorate online while you work.

Located in Boston, MA, the Direct Entry PharmD program includes a two-year preprofessional phase followed by a four-year professional phase.

You’ll gain hands-on clinical experience, and as a student living in Boston, you’ll be surrounded by an urban cityscape filled with top-tier healthcare and scientific institutions.

Offered on their Worcester and Manchester campuses, their year-round, three-year Accelerated PharmD program provides students who’ve completed prerequisites the opportunity to start practicing ahead of their peers.

Though the Worcester and Manchester programs follow an identical curriculum, their distinct locations provide unique environments for students to live and learn.

Situated in the heart of the second-largest city in Massachusetts, the MCPHS–Worcester campus offers an energetic culture and rich history, and incredible housing options dot the campus.

The Manchester, New Hampshire campus affords students unmatched access to New England’s natural wonders, and the smaller cohort produces a strong sense of community in an intimate learning environment.

Want to earn your PharmD while you work? MCPHS offers a part-time online program for practicing. Most experiential work can be fulfilled through the student’s current work site.

Boston Admission Office

Address: 179 Longwood Avenue Boston, MA 02115
Contact: 617 879 5964; 800 225 5506

Worcester Admission Office

Address: 19 Foster Street Worcester, MA 01608
Contact: 508 373 5607; 800 225 5506

Manchester Admission Office

Address: 1260 Elm Street Manchester, NH 03101
Contact:603 314 1701; 800 225 5506

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2. Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences

Northeastern University Bouvé College of Health Sciences School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences signature cooperative education model (co-op) provides students unmatched opportunities for innovative and interactive learning at more than 120 affiliated hospitals, clinics, community pharmacies, private companies, and government agencies.

The placements are paid, full-time positions that provide students with the professional experience and contacts they need to launch their careers.

Cooperative education (Co-op), a program unique among US schools of pharmacy, provides for up to 48 weeks of full-time practical experience, that satisfy the Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience (IPPE) requirement of the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

The school is affiliated with many world-class practice sites in metropolitan Boston and throughout the United States providing students with access to experienced clinicians and scholars.

Their Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences is a four-year undergraduate program geared toward highly motivated students who are strongly focused on careers in biomedical/pharmaceutical research, biomedicine, and/or the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industries.

Boston and the state of Massachusetts remains a powerhouse for pharmaceutical research and development. Located at the heart of Boston, their campus is surrounded by many of today’s top biopharma companies.

Their school is also ranked number 1 in funding from the National Institute of Health for private universities.

As a tier one research university, Northeastern’s educational approach employs an innovative paradigm that immerses students into undergraduate research at the earliest possible time.

They promote graduate-style mentorship and experiential learning in the context of an intensive scientific curriculum with specialized educational opportunities.

The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences values the diversity espoused by Northeastern University and the Bouvé College of Health Sciences community.

This includes respect for the multiple and diverse identities of our shared humanity such as race, ethnicity, class, ability, language, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, religion, immigration status, age, nationality, and military service.

They enliven the climate of diversity in Bouvé through culturally informed teaching, learning, scientific discovery and scholarship, patient care, service, dialogue, and relationship building.

Their academic community is committed to advocacy, equity and inclusion for all.

Address: 360 Huntington Avenue, R218 TF Boston, MA 02115

Contact: 617-373-3380

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3. Western New England University College of Pharmacy

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences(COPHS) educates the leaders of tomorrow in the health and wellness fields through innovative doctoral programs.

Their interprofessional approach to teaching ensures that you will be educated in the foundational and practical aspects of your future health profession, yet they also promote the development of leadership, professionalism, advocacy, and a commitment to community service.

Modeling these ideals is a faculty composed of compassionate practitioners, learned scholars, and caring mentors who teach in our state-of-the-art facilities.

Leveraging the broad-based offerings of the University, they are able to offer accelerated degree programs in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences such as a 3+3 Health Studies/OTD degree.

The COPHS also offers dual pharmacy/business degrees in collaboration with the College of Business for students who see their future in either business administration or organizational leadership roles.

In just over a decade, the College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences at Western New England University has gained a reputation for its nurturing environment, characterized by a faculty who inspire and mentor students from day one to graduation and beyond.

In caring professions, amidst unprecedented challenges and changing roles, there can be no better atmosphere to model these values.

That support has direct correlation to our graduates’ high pass rates on licensure examinations, strong residency placement rates, and the respect they have garnered for regional involvement with interprofessional education in both pharmacy and occupational therapy.

Agile and innovative, resilient and confident, their graduates are well-prepared for the workplace of tomorrow and to serve their communities and advance their professions.

Students learn by doing through a robust technology program that includes simulations, and high levels of student engagement in service, scholarship, and research.

Their programs emphasize the cultivation of divergent thinking skills, social and emotional intelligence, empathy, and a sense of humanity.

Indeed, WNE graduates of the Doctor of Pharmacy program were not only on the front lines of COVID-19 testing and immunization, they were 20 feet in front of it. That is the WNE way.

The College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences is proud to be a part of an institution now nationally ranked by US News and World Report.

Leveraging the broad-based offerings of the University, they are able to offer accelerated degree programs in collaboration with the College of Arts and Sciences such as a six-year Health Studies to OTD Degree, and 0-6 Doctor of Pharmacy program, which guarantees qualified high schools seniors a seat in our PharmD program after completing two years of preprofessional studies.

The College also offers combined PharmD/master’s degrees in collaboration with the College of Business for students who see their future in either business administration or organizational leadership roles.

In addition, the College offers two new master’s programs in pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacogenomics. Other exciting opportunities are on the horizon.

Address: 1215 Wilbraham Rd. Springfield, MA 01119-2684

Contact: 413-769-2300

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