Veterinary Schools in Colorado

Best Veterinary Schools in Colorado

Veterinary Schools in Colorado

  1. Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

One of the best public research institutions in the country and a growing school is Colorado State University.

In the past ten years, CSU has achieved record enrollment, based on all-time highs in student diversity and success, record fundraising that far exceeds ambitious goals, ground-breaking research driven by a highly productive faculty, a campus revitalized by a transformational building campaign, and, perhaps most importantly, an unmatched learning environment where nine out of ten recent graduates say they would choose CSU again and rate their education as excellent.

In Washington Monthly’s annual evaluation of colleges and universities, Colorado State University was rated the top university in Colorado.

The CSU was ranked 54th among public universities and 91st overall in Washington Monthly’s 2018 College Guide, which honors “smart, well-run colleges that enroll students from all walks of life and helps them earn a high-quality diploma at an affordable price.”

In a 2018 review by, Colorado State University was also named the top college in the state of Colorado.

According to U.S. News and World Report’s 2018 rankings, the Online MBA offered by the College of Business at CSU is the best in Colorado.

Their Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program was a pioneer in teaching veterinary ethics, clinical communication skills, and practitioner wellbeing. It is consistently ranked among the top in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

Their curriculum benefits from the faculty expertise of four academic departments, which gives it the in-depth scientific and medical understanding that distinguishes it from other veterinary schools.

Throughout all four years of your study, your curriculum emphasizes case-based and practical learning.

Your understanding and application of typical biology, pathophysiology, clinical medicine, surgery, clinical reasoning, and professional abilities will progressively improve.

Faculty members create course material with assistance for instructional design and lesson planning in order to engage students in lectures, laboratories, and clinics.

Clinical rotations start in year three, and practical training is included into the curriculum starting in year one. Learn alongside and seek mentoring from board-certified professionals representing 28 different veterinary specialities throughout the course of the four-year program.

Their dual degree program include;

Doctor of veterinary medicine program — D.V.M. and PH.D. Combined degree program

Doctor of veterinary medicine program — D.V.M. and MBA. Combined degree program

Doctor of veterinary medicine program — D.V.M. and M.P.H. Combined degree program

Doctor of veterinary medicine program — D.V.M. and M.S. in animal sciences combined degree program

Doctor of veterinary medicine program — D.V.M. And master of toxicology combined degree program

Doctor of veterinary medicine program — food animal veterinary career incentive program

Address: W102 Anatomy Colorado State University 1601 Campus Delivery Fort Collins, Colorado 80523-1601

Phone: (970) 491-5355

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