Top 10 Nursing Homes in Cincinnati

Nursing homes in Cincinnati have changed dramatically over the past several decades. These changes have been driven by government regulations and consumer pressures.

When compared to nursing homes of past decades, today’s nursing homes are highly regulated and high-quality, sophisticated institutions for the care and treatment of older adults who have severe physical health concerns and/or mental disabilities.

Assisted-living facilities do not have the same regulations that guide care in nursing homes.

Nursing Homes in Cincinnati

  1. Carriage Court of Kenwood

At Carriage Court of Kenwood, they help our residents find purpose, passion, and wellness through their thoughtfully designed programs and health and wellness services.

Beyond your apartment door are a variety of programs, classes, and events to participate in. Set goals, learn new skills, foster relationships, and enjoy new experiences at Carriage Court of Kenwood.

Partake in an engaging art class, head outside to tend to the garden, or get together with friends and neighbors for your favorite card or board game.

However, you prefer to spend your time, Carriage Court of Kenwood helps you gracefully age in place and make the most of each day.

Carriage Court of Kenwood introduces a refreshing way to live.

Their appealing amenities and active monthly event calendar offer you or your loved one a vibrant senior-centric lifestyle.

At Carriage Court of Kenwood, you’re free to experience everything from gardening outdoors with the sun shining on your skin to cozying up for a history lesson in the community room.

Whether you prefer a more active lifestyle or enjoy leisurely days, Carriage Court of Kenwood was designed with you or your loved one in mind.

Address: 4650 E Galbraith Rd Cincinnati, OH 45236

Phone: 513-813-7750

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  1. St. Margaret Hall

At St. Margaret Hall, they try to provide a way of life that is as home-like as possible for their residents and their extended families.

In this residential health care setting, they strive to provide a Christian community in which to live, along with enhancement of human dignity and quality care.

Skilled nursing care at St Margaret Hall is designed for greater Cincinnati area seniors who are in need of skilled medical care integrated into a comfortable residential facility.

Long term and short term skilled nursing options are available to meet a wide range of medical needs.

Their residents receive personalized care from a consistent long-term staff. The St. Margaret Hall onsite clinics allow residents to see the dentist, podiatrist, optometrist, and audiologist without having to leave the building.

Skilled Nursing Facilities are a comforting healthcare option for seniors in need of constant medical attention.

Skilled Nursing Care facilities provide appropriate medical care and monitoring as well as assistance with the daily living tasks that seniors can no longer do independently.

Address: 1960 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45206

Phone: 513.751.5880


  1. Harmony Court Rehab & Nursing

Harmony Court is a Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center serving the Greater Cincinnati area. Conveniently located off I-75, Harmony Court is an easily accessed facility that delivers quality care by a dedicated staff of professionals.

Their facility offers short, long-term, palliative, and respite stays. Their facility has a dedicated transitional care unit for short-term rehab and the medically complex, long term care units, and both male and female behavioral health units.

Also, their mission is to create a home where patients, employees and community form relationships that promote individuality, personal integrity and service to each other.

Address: 6969 Glenmeadow Lane, Cincinnati, OH 45236

Phone: 513-351-7007

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  1. Lincoln Crawford Care Center

At Lincoln Crawford, they put the focus where it belongs. Whether you need rehabilitation services or are looking for a long-term facility for your loved one, they are dedicated to providing expert care in a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Lincoln Crawford has something for everyone. For their short-term residents, their rehab suites provide the ideal setting for focusing on rehabilitating yourself.

Long-term residents can count on consistent support and care from their dedicated nursing staff.

Their on-site Beauty Shop makes treating yourself that much easier while focusing on getting stronger to return home.

To help ensure you stay comfortable and connected, they also offer WIFI, in-room phone service and in suite flat screen TV with cable.

While no place is like home, they try to come close. Their residents enjoy the day-to-day routine and camaraderie while their health and social needs are met.

Address: 1346 Lincoln Ave, Cincinnati, Ohio 45206

Phone: 513.861.2044


  1. Solivita of Oak Pavilion

Their friendly and attentive staff are here to care for you on your journey to health.

The physicians and specialty providers will ease your transition to their home ensuring a seamless continuation of care.

Solivita is the beloved home away from home for assisted living, long-term skilled nursing, and short-term rehabilitation.

Solivita of Oak Pavilion is equipped with the finest staff ready to handle the medically and emotionally complex needs of our resi­dents.

They are dedicated to helping residents maintain the highest possible quality of life, mobility, and function within a supportive environment.

In addition to their on-site staff and services, specialty medical and personal services are also provided as needed at their centers.

Long-term care services are designed to meet the medical, physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs of their residents and their families.

Address: 510 Oak St, Cincinnati, OH 45219

Phone: (513) 751-0880


  1. Mt Airy Gardens Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

Mt Airy Gardens Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is a comprehensive skilled care facility located in the heart of Cincinnati.

They use a holistic approach to address the physical, social, and emotional needs of their patients.

Their dedicated team of physicians, nurses, therapists, and support staff will take the time to listen to what is important to you and your family.

Below are just a few of the many services and amenities they offer.

  • Flat Screen Televisions
  • Free WIFI
  • Cable Television
  • Laundry Services
  • Daily Dining Specials
  • Alternate Meal Choices
  • Patient Focused Activities
  • Community Outings
  • Beauty Salon
  • Dentistry
  • Optometry
  • Podiatry
  • Religious Services

Address: 2250 Banning Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45239

Phone: 513-487-9955


  1. Norwood Towers Post-Acute

Norwood Towers Post-Acute is a short-term rehabilitation and skilled nursing facility in Cincinnati, Ohio.

They are dedicated to providing personalized rehabilitation and nursing services to all who enter their doors.

Their healthcare professionals strive to help their residents reach their maximum potential in a caring and supportive environment.

Some services they offer are;

Short-Term Rehabilitation

At Norwood Towers Post-Acute, your successful recovery and quick return home is our top priority. They provide a unique and personalized experience whether you’re suffering from an illness or bouncing back from a major medical event.

And, rest assured, all rehab takes place in their fully equipped therapy gym under the guidance of licensed experts.

24-Hour Skilled Nursing

A stay at Norwood Towers Post-Acute begins with an evaluation by their team of physicians, therapists, nurses, social services, and other support staff.

These meetings allow them to design a personalized care plan focused on returning you to your highest level of independence as quickly as possible.

Long-Term Care

Their long-term care services were designed to meet the daily needs of those who have serious, ongoing health conditions or disabilities.

Also, their goal is to help patients live as independently and safely as possible while providing assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, personal hygiene, and nutrition.

Complex Wound Care

Also, their wound care program utilizes professional, clinical and technical resources designed for the treatment of a variety of wound conditions including ostomies (colostomy/urostomy), wound dehiscence, diabetic arterial/venous ulcers, pressure ulcers, and pre- and post-flap surgery.

Hospice Services

They offer compassionate hospice care for those with advanced, life-limiting illnesses.

Their team of compassionate professionals will work together to help ensure their patient’s last days are as comfortable as possible and spent with dignity and surrounded by their loved ones.

Address: 1500 Sherman Ave Cincinnati, OH 45212

Phone: (513) 631-6800


  1. The Residence at Salem Woods

The Residence at Salem Woods is a 99-bed skilled nursing facility, conveniently located on the bus route in Anderson Township, Ohio.

This facility offers 24/7 skilled nursing care, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, dementia/memory care, behavioral care, hospice services, respite care, and much more.

The Residence at Salem Woods can be the ideal solution if your loved one is recovering from a procedure or illness that may require supportive services, short or long term.

Upon admission, a comprehensive assessment is completed to determine the type of care needed. A care plan is developed, specifically personalized for each resident.

For their residents needing rehabilitation services, their therapists work closely with their interdisciplinary team to carefully measure and document the resident’s progress while helping them achieve their maximum potential.

The Residence at Salem Woods can transition residents from short term care to long term care where needed.

The Residence at Salem Woods also specializes in memory care services for their residents with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

They are committed to providing support to your loved one and family throughout their experience at Salem Woods.

Address: 6164 Salem Road Cincinnati, Ohio 45230

Phone: 513.231.8292


  1. The Beechwood Home

The Beechwood Home is an long-term care facility specializing in neurological disorders which include but are not limited to those with a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, ALS and those who have suffered a stroke.

The mission of Beechwood is to provide a high level of care designed to improve the quality of life for residents of the home.

A variety of in-house medical services are provided through partnerships with local agencies such as

  • Audiology/Dental/Podiatry/Vision
  • Hospice
  • Mental Health
  • Therapy

Address: 2140 Pogue Ave Cincinnati, OH 45208

Phone: 513-321-9294


  1. Woods Edge Rehab and Nursing

Woods Edge is a Rehabilitation and Nursing Care Center serving the Greater Cincinnati area. Conveniently located off I-75, Woods Edge is an easily accessed facility that delivers quality care by a dedicated staff of professionals.

Also, their facility offers short, long-term, palliative, and respite stays. Their facility has a dedicated transitional care unit for short-term rehab and the medically complex, long term care units, and both male and female behavioral health units.

Their mission is to create a home where residents, employees and community form relationships that honor individuality, personal choice, integrity and service to each other.

Address: 1171 Towne Street Cincinnati, OH 45216

Phone: (513) 242-1360



Some type of disability when it comes to performing the activities of daily living (ADLs) is the most common reason that older people live in nursing homes. Not surprisingly, people living in nursing homes generally have more disability than people living at home. Over 80% of nursing home residents need help with 3 or more ADLs (such as dressing and bathing). About 90% of residents who are able to walk need assistance or supervision.



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