Top Pharmacy Schools in Kentucky

As the main specialist on medication knowledge, the pharmacist plays a crucial role on the healthcare team.

They are informed about the complexities of contemporary medicine as well as the implications of ancient medicine and natural herbal remedies.

To provide safe and effective therapy, pharmacists interact with patients and other members of the healthcare team.

They are leaders in the community, researchers, and contributors to the sciences who are concerned with the wellbeing of the patient.

Pharmacy Schools in Kentucky

  1. Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences hosts the following educational programs: Pharmacy Technician Program, Master of Science in Physician Assistant (MSPA), Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD), Master of Science in Pharmacist Care Delivery and Systems Thinking, and PGY-1 Pharmacy Residency Programs.

They take pleasure in providing high-quality educational opportunities with the final objective of producing elite physicians.

Their low student-to-teacher ratios are suited to individualized instruction and advising, and their professors and staff actively foster a family-oriented atmosphere.

Additionally, because of their connections with the community, we are able to offer the best clinical settings, guaranteeing that students get high-quality hands-on training.

A three-year entry-level Doctor of Pharmacy degree is available from Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, supporting and preparing students to satisfy the educational goals of the institution.

To guarantee that the program includes all essential elements, all courses in the curriculum are mapped to ACPE Appendix 1.

The first two professional years (PY1 and PY2) are broken down into four 11-week quarters, with each quarter having 10 weeks of instruction, 1 week for final exams, and 2 weeks off before the following quarter starts.

Also, the third professional year (PY3) is split into four 12-week quarters, with one week of downtime in between each pair of 6-week rotational blocks. The minimum number of credits needed to complete the program is 176.

Sullivan University’s Doctor of Pharmacy program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

Address: 2100 Gardiner Lane Louisville, KY 40205

Phone: 502-413-8640

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  1. University of Kentucky College of Pharmacy

They have dominated pharmacy practice, teaching, and research for more over 150 years. And they didn’t accomplish it alone.

Their narrative extends outside the boundaries of their structure, their research facilities, and their classrooms. It tells the tale of a team that labored nonstop to improve treatment and save lives. They hope you will come along.

With the help of the PharmD program, they educate students for the complex difficulties of a constantly changing health care environment by fusing cutting-edge teaching methods with practical experience in a top-tier environment.

The four-year PharmD program trains you to think critically and collaborate with others in order to have a long-lasting effect on the people and communities you will serve.

Pharmacy students must pass an internal degree screening procedure before applying to a dual degree program, even if the dual degree programs are managed separately by the partner college or program.

Aside from the MSPS program, which has a distinct program design and timing, the process is finished by the end of the Spring PY1 semester.

MPH: Master of Public Health

The PharmD + MPH dual degree program is designed to prepare students to become effective leaders, practitioners, researchers, and educators in pharmacy and in public health.

MBA: Master of Business Administration

The PharmD + MBA dual degree program prepares students for managerial responsibilities in a variety of health care settings.

MSPS: Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences

The PharmD + MSPS dual degree program is designed for students that have an interest in the complete drug development pipeline, from discovery to delivery.

Address: 789 S. Limestone Rd. Lexington, KY 40536-0082

Phone: 859-323-7601/221

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