Best 10 Therapists in Chicago 2022

Therapists in Chicago in general offer therapy services to individuals, teens, couples, and to even other therapists.

Therapy a treatment that helps someone feel better, grow stronger, etc., especially after an illness. We have carefully selected some of the best therapist in Chicago to attend to your needs.

Therapists in Chicago

  1. Centered Therapy Chicago

Centered Therapy Chicago (CTC) is a group psychotherapy practice in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago.

They work with people from all over the city and suburbs and believe in the healing power of relationships and connectedness.

CTC’s therapists are committed to creating meaningful change in peoples’ lives, their community, and society.

They utilize a collaborative and relational approach that also incorporates feminist, trauma-informed, and body-oriented methods with their clients.

Also, they are all committed to equality, social justice, anti-racism, and inclusivity.

CTC provides individual, couples, and family therapy. Their therapists work with young children and their parents, tweens, teens, young adults, college students, and adults. They believe that therapy can enrich people’s lives and relationships.

They have worked with clients to overcome challenges and dramatically improve their lives.

Services are individual, couple & relationship, child & family, trauma-informed, somatic (mind/body), for therapists and helpers and common therapy issues. ​

Address: 1507 W Lawrence Ave Chicago IL 60640

Phone: 773-569-1468


  1. Cityscape Counseling

Cityscape counseling is dedicated to helping you overcome these obstacles so that you can build a life of passion, presence and Purpose.

With useful evidence-based coping tools that will help you interact with your thoughts and emotions in a manner that will lessen their impact on your daily life and relationships, improve your ability to make positive behavioral changes and empower you to pursue your goals and values.

They have a team of compassionate, licensed therapists with highly specialized training in the use of practical mindfulness-based strategies.

Address: 155 N Michigan Ave #380 Chicago, Illinois, 60601

Phone: +1-601-3244246

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  1. Balanced Life Counseling

They want you to feel welcomed at Balanced Life Counseling. When you walk into their office, you’ll be greeted by their friendly staff and offered a selection of coffee, tea, and water.

Their calm and comfortable waiting room has plenty of space to relax while you wait to begin your appointment.

Also, their office is conveniently located in the heart of Logan Square, and free street parking is available on Armitage Ave. in front of and across from their office.

Their therapists have experience with a range of situations and relationship dynamics.

They place a priority on communication, affirmation, and comfort and work with you to help you move forward on your unique journey.

Whether you’re experiencing depression, anxiety, a life transition, communication concerns, or have recently experienced a traumatic event, they’re here to help you work through whatever difficulty you’re facing in life.

Address: 3111 W Armitage Ave, Suites 200-204 Chicago, IL

Phone: 872-588-1071


  1. dk Therapy

The therapists at dK therapy will do their best to create a safe and comfortable therapeutic environment, one in which they will work together to achieve your goals, whether it is as an individual or a couple.

You get to choose which therapist you will work with and how long they will be a part of your life. Your comfort should always be at the heart of those decision

Their methods of counseling provide the tools to help you face personal struggles and find answers to questions and problems you may have about your life.

At DK Therapy they can offer guidance to help you preserve and strengthen the life and relationship skills you already have.

Whether you are a couple getting married or a couple struggling with relationship problems, they can help you face the challenges partners face in the modern day world including stress, anxiety, communication problems, decision-making, and emotional problems.

dK Therapy offers secure online video therapy sessions using VSee. Research shows that online therapy is just as effective as in office sessions. They can meet wherever it’s most convenient for you.

Address: 410 S. Michigan Ave. Suite 928 Chicago 60605

Phone: (312)-248-3190


  1. Lifeworks psychotherapy

At Lifeworks, they want to help you develop your inner and outer relationships to give you the tools you need to create growth and possibility in your life through psychotherapy and counseling.

People they serve include those with anxiety, depression and trauma, as well as children, adolescents and families.

Their services also address kink, BDSM, fetish & vanilla, LGBTQIA individuals, couples and families, polyamorous and non-monogamous relationships, religious and spiritual minorities, as well as trans, genderqueer and other-gendered individuals.

They also offer organizational consulting & training for work teams, non-profit groups and agencies as well as companies.

Address: 3139 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL 60657, United States

Phone: +18475681100


  1. Fleming Family Therapy

They believe every therapy session should be a great experience. At fleming family therapy, they’re here to help you build the life, career, or relationship you want. Their approach is making therapy approachable.

From the moment you walk in the door, you should feel at home with your clinician and the practice. Fleming family therapy is a group psychotherapy practice located in downtown Chicago.

They currently offer services for individuals, couples, families, and teens.

Their team of expert clinicians works diligently to tailor their approach to your specific and individual needs.

In order to provide the best care possible, they also frequently recommend and consult with other providers, including: OBGYNs, dieticians, psychiatrists, and other doctors.

If you’re traveling, homebound, or bringing home baby, you can take advantage of their telehealth services.

The goal of Fleming Family Therapy is to provide the absolute best care possible. Their priority as a premiere practice is to get every client the help they need. Occasionally, this means referring to an outside specialist.

If during their first full evaluation they determine a client’s needs fall outside of their expertise, they will refer them a provider specially trained in that area.

They are passionate about patientcare and wholeheartedly believe it’s unethical to take on a client who they are not properly equipped to treat.

Address: 30 North Michigan Avenue Suite 1105 Chicago IL 60602

Phone: (312) 241-1840

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  1. LifePath Therapy Associates

LifePath therapy associates is a psychotherapy practice located in the heart of the Chicago loop. LifePath is uniquely committed to serving individuals, couples and families across diverse communities.

They also share a deep commitment to an anti-oppressive, client-centered, strengths-based approach using empirically supported interventions.

Also, they focus on working with clients to manage transitions and change throughout every stage of life.

As a lifespan-focused practice, their clinicians offer expertise in the following areas and specialties:

  • Individuals experiencing anxiety and depression
  • Emerging adults coping with relational dynamics and adjusting to adulthood.
  • Thriving professionals working toward achieving balance amidst high intensity work stress and exploring how organizational dynamics interface with interpersonal effectiveness.
  • New or seasoned couples forging emotional connectedness and developing healthy communication patterns.
  • Families dealing with anxiety surrounding infertility, adjustment to parenthood, or healthy blending of extended family dynamics within the immediate family unit.
  • Individuals and families caring for loved ones and managing changes in identity that come with empty nesting and retirement.
  • Older Adults adjusting to the physical and emotional transitions often accompanying the aging process including grief, loss, changing roles and identity, exploring meaning and legacy, isolation, and end-of-life planning.

Address: 25 E Washington Street Suite 1835 Chicago IL 60602

Phone: (312) 940-3655


  1. Center Focused Therapy

Center Focused Therapy (CFT) was established in 2016 as a boutique psychotherapy practice, providing therapeutic services to the Chicagoland community.

At its foundation, CFT’s values were centered on our therapists providing the highest level of intentional, compassionate and informed treatment to our clients.

Since its inception, CFT has grown in many ways.

Through bringing on new therapists whom align with CFT’s values/mission and providing additional services (i.e., providing consultation within the community and training options for immerging clinicians), CFT has committed to allowing its values to grow across different domains of mental health care.

Although CFT continues to expand, their values remain the same.

Their clinicians value diversity, value providing the highest level of care in all domains of their work, and value the strong community they have established at CFT.

They therefore believe that therapy should provide you not just general improvement and better ways of coping, but also a broader understanding of the issues you’re dealing with so that you are better able to address underlying concerns that may be driving how you feel, both now and in the future.

Address: 333 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2400 Chicago IL, 60601

Phone: 773-609-0361


  1. Sage Therapy Chicago

Through creativity and warmth, they work with clients to facilitate personal growth to help navigate an often confusing world.

Together they will increase your self awareness, support you in finding the best answers to life- changing questions, and guide you to a more enjoyable life.

‍They specialize in anxiety, depression, relationships & couples counseling, quarter life crises, life transitions, trauma, & PTSD.

Address: 155 N Michigan Ave, Suite 201, Chicago, IL 60601

Phone: 3128197381

  1. Lakeview Center for Psychotherapy

They are inclusive, innovative, thoughtful, and compassionate psychotherapists. They believe everyone is capable of changing their relationships to self and others.

Each client has unique unconscious emotional patterns that they can discover and shift through flexible, attuned therapy.

They work with clients of all backgrounds, identities, and levels of functioning.  Their flexible approach combines the strengths of different types of therapy.

In addition, they provide psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Mind-Body focused therapies, and EMDR for adults, couples, children and adolescents, families, and groups.

Address: 3322 N. Ashland Chicago, IL 60657

Phone: 773-525-3322



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