Pharmacy Schools in New Mexico

Pharmacy Schools in New Mexico

Pharmacy Schools in New Mexico

  1. University of New Mexico (UNM) College of Pharmacy

The University of New Mexico, which was established in 1889 as the state’s premier college, is today located on almost 800 acres next to historic Route 66 in the center of Albuquerque, a city with a population of over 900,000.

By encouraging research, creating intellectual and cultural contributions, upholding academic values, and serving their community by fostering an educated, healthy, and economically robust New Mexico, the University of New Mexico serves as the state’s top institution of higher learning and a provider of healthcare.

Since 1945, the UNM College of Pharmacy has been educating the next generation of pharmacists.

The scope and goals of their college have expanded. In addition to several other doctoral and master’s degrees, it now confers the sole Doctor of Pharmacy degree in New Mexico.

Together with the College of Nursing, School of Medicine, and UNM Hospital, the College of Pharmacy has been a crucial component of the UNM Health Sciences Center since 1994.

They have one of the most varied student bodies in the country and annually enroll more than 350 pupils.

Building on their history of community service and their distinction as the first licensed radiopharmacy in the world, their faculty has increased to more than 50, and the College now serves as the home of both the New Mexico Poison and Information Center and the New Mexico Center for Isotopes in Medicine.

Your journey begins in their Doctor of Pharmacy program, regardless of whether you envision yourself as a community pharmacist managing medication therapy for patients in a conventional pharmacy, a pharmacist clinician working with a health care team in a hospital or clinic improving patient health outcomes, or a nuclear pharmacist preparing radioactive substances for life-saving patient diagnostics and treatments.

Their world-class faculty will provide mentorship and advisement as you explore your path in pharmacy. You can also stand out from other graduates with the PharmD/MBA and PharmD/MS Dual Degree.

Address: 2502 Marble NE/ MSCO9-5360 1 University of New Mexico Albuquerque, NM 87131

Phone: 505-272-0906

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