Pharmacy Schools in Louisiana

Pharmacy Schools in Louisiana

  1. Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy

The first of the unique characteristics that have distinguished Xavier University of Louisiana for more than eight decades is that it is the only historically black and catholic university in America.

Xavier University produces more African American students who graduate from medical school each year than any other university in the United States, despite having a relatively small student body (3,300), and is a globally renowned leader in the STEM and health sciences sectors.

African American pharmacists are among the most highly produced by its College of Pharmacy.

Serving the underrepresented Black people and “the development of a more equitable and compassionate society” are still important goals for Xavier today. But despite this, all ethnicities and all beliefs are welcome inside.

The Xavier of Louisiana College of Pharmacy’s goal is to train pharmacists to improve the health of medically disadvantaged populations, particularly African Americans, by providing patient-centered care, giving back to the community, and doing research.

Also, the Xavier University of Louisiana College of Pharmacy‘s mission is to train great pharmacy professionals who will assist medically disadvantaged people in their communities while working to reduce healthcare inequities.

The College of Pharmacy has played a significant role in teaching a diverse student body and is still dedicated to pursuing excellence in everything that it does.

This school has been committed from the start to introducing underrepresented groups into the educated and prestigious field of pharmacy.

For many years, Xavier has produced more African Americans with doctorates in pharmacy than any other university in the US, save for one. The College embraces and is open to people of all races notwithstanding its dedication to minority education.

Students seeking admission to the Pharm.D. Program must successfully complete the required prerequisite courses with a minimum grade of ā€œCā€ prior to being admitted.

To be eligible for the degree of Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.), a student must have pursued college level work for a minimum of six years (four of these in the College of Pharmacy).

Students must complete 146 (147) semester hours of work in the College of Pharmacy, have a 2.00 grade point average for all courses attempted in the four-year professional curriculum, and successfully pass a comprehensive exam.

Address: #1 Drexel Drive New Orleans, LA 70125

Phone: 504-520-7421

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