Top Hospitals in Oklahoma 2022

Total hospitals in Oklahoma state are 165. Among them, 61 private hospitals and 57 government hospitals.

The total number of beds in Oklahoma is 15177; the largest hospital in Oklahoma by beds is SAINT FRANCIS HOSPITAL, INC., which has 1112 beds and is located in the city of TULSA; the smallest hospital in Oklahoma by beds is PINNACLE SPECIALTY HOSPITAL, which has 4 beds and is also located in TULSA.

The overall number of Medicare enrollees in Oklahoma is 694000, and the enrollment to population ratio there is 17.6 percent, compared to 17.08 percent across the USA.

When compared to the USA, where the average payment per fee-for-service enrolled is $9,857, Oklahoma’s average payment per fee-for-service enrollee is $9434. Oklahoma’s typical length.

Hospitals in Oklahoma

1. Community Hospital

Community hospital has two campuses and offers a wide range of medical services as well as high-quality care.

The south campus of Community Hospital is a full-service hospital that serves Southwest Oklahoma City and the surrounding communities of Blanchard, Moore, Newcastle, Norman, Mustang, and Tuttle.

In addition, the north campus of Community Hospital opened in 2016 and provides inpatient and outpatient services, including diagnostic imaging and direct access to physician offices.

The north campus is easily accessible from north Oklahoma City, Edmond, Piedmont, Guthrie, Jones, Luther, and Wellston, and is conveniently located along the Broadway Extension near Britton Rd.

They offer a wide range of medical services and high-quality care.

The most important mission of Community Hospital is to serve you and your family.

They combine medical and technological resources for healthcare with the caring, compassionate touch of a caring, compassionate staff.

The collaboration between hospitals and medical staff provides them with new resources for ongoing growth.

It improves their ability to expand hospital services and add new medical specialties to meet the needs of the Oklahoma City metropolitan area and surrounding communities.

They at Community Hospital recognize the critical importance of healthcare in their community. They have made an ongoing commitment to provide a wide range of services.

At Community Hospital, patient care is their top priority.

Their standard is exceptional courteous and compassionate care, and exceeding the expectations of their patients and their families is their constant goal.

Community Hospital provides nursing care in a small, caring community. Their nurses have the time to provide excellent service to their patients and families because they have low nurse-to-patient ratios.

Their values define their foundation as well as their future. Compassion, respect, excellence, and service characterize all of their interactions, whether with patients or with colleagues and team members.

The Community Hospital team is united in their desire to provide excellence in all that they do, whether it is delivering exceptional, quality-driven nursing care, or a focus on exceptional customer satisfaction.

Address: 3100 SW 89th St, Oklahoma City, OK73159, United States

Contact: +1 405-602-8100

2. Surgical Hospital of Oklahoma

They are proud to provide quality care, specialized equipment, and advanced technology in a safe, family-friendly environment at Surgical Hospital of Oklahoma.

Their clinical professionals strive to be among the best healthcare providers in the industry. To care for their patients, assist their physicians, and improve healthcare in the United States.

The Surgical Hospital of Oklahoma, L.L.C. is a 12-bed licensed in-patient facility that provides cutting-edge surgery, laser procedures, pain management, and short-term hospitalization.

The hospital meets or exceeds all in-patient hospital requirements and is inspected and licensed annually by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Their goal is to provide the highest level of care to surgical patients. In their serene setting, highly trained and experienced physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff look after you before and after surgery.

Address: 100 SE 59th St, Oklahoma City, OK 73129, United States

Contact: +1 405-634-9300


3. Purcell Municipal Hospital

Purcell Municipal Hospital has served Purcell and the surrounding communities since its inception in October 1970.

They are a Medicare-certified facility with 39 in-patient beds licensed by the Oklahoma State Department of Health.

Also, they have two family practice physicians with admitting privileges on staff. Every day, advances in medicine and technological advances provide local communities with access to better healthcare.

It is possible to have the majority of your healthcare needs met in a single location.

Purcell Municipal Hospital has a physician-staffed emergency department that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Their mission is to improve the health and lives of those they serve by providing personalized, compassionate, and exceptional care.

Also, their goal is to be the preferred healthcare provider and employer by capitalizing on their strengths in personalized care and exceeding customer expectations.

Address: 1500 N Green Ave, Purcell, OK 73080, United States

Contact: +1 405-527-6524


4. Harmon Memorial Hospital

Harmon Memorial Hospital focuses on systems that are critical to the community’s safety and quality of care, treatment, and services.

They are committed to ensuring the safety of their patients and to encouraging the public to express and discuss their concerns with us in order for them to identify and resolve potential safety and quality issues.

Harmon Memorial Hospital strives to improve the health and well-being of their community.

Their hospital devotes time and resources to what is most important: the community. Harmon Memorial Hospital focuses on systems that are critical to the community’s safety and quality of care, treatment, and services.

They are committed to ensuring their patients’ safety and encouraging the public to express and discuss its concerns with them  in order for them to identify and resolve potential safety and quality issues.

Their mission is to be the best place in the world for patients to receive care, employees to work, and physicians to practice.

Also, their vision is to be the provider of choice for high-quality patient care delivered in a safe and professional setting by engaged staff members dedicated to excellence and compassionate care, resulting in operational sustainability and growth.

Address: 400 E Chestnut St, Hollis, OK 73550, United States

Contact: +1 580-688-3363


5. Arbuckle Memorial Hospital

Arbuckle Memorial Hospital is in Sulphur, Oklahoma, near Davis, and is nestled in the beautiful lake area of the Arbuckle Mountain Region.

Arbuckle Memorial has provided quality health care to Murray County families and the thousands of visitors who visit this recreational area each year since 1959.

Arbuckle Memorial Hospital is not only an award-winning health care facility, but it is also one of the area’s largest employers.

Inpatient and outpatient services are provided by compassionate, highly qualified physicians and nurses. Every year, their hospital serves over 12,000 patients.

Address: 2011 W Broadway Ave, Sulphur, OK 73086, United States

Contact: +1 580-622-2161

6. Lindsay Municipal Hospital

Lindsay Municipal Hospital, located in south central Oklahoma, proudly serves the Lindsay community and its surrounding areas. LMH is a 26-bed acute care hospital with a Level IV emergency department, a full-service laboratory, and an x-ray, ultrasound, and CT department.

They have a large team of medical professionals on staff, including physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, nursing assistants, pharmacists, radiology technologists, medical laboratory technicians, respiratory therapy technicians, physical therapists, and other support staff round out their clinical team.

Their Mission is tiiTo provide quality treatment and superior service to patients through innovative programs and efficient operations for the ultimate benefit of Lindsay residents.

Providing Comprehensive Primary Health Care to their Community.

Address: 1305 W Cherokee St #5042, Lindsay, OK 73052, United States

Contact: +1 405-756-1404


7. Pushmataha Hospital

In everything they do, they strive for excellence.

They offer high-quality care to people of all ages. They are excited to meet the changing health care needs of Antlers and the surrounding community.

At the same time, they are a stable and financially sound organization. They involve all of their medical staff by maintaining open lines of communication.

They assist them by attempting to meet their professional training, equipment, and service needs.

Additionally, they value open communication with all county residents who support them financially and by using their services.

They care about and support their employees through training and education, and their employees, in turn, care about and commit to their patients and their organization.

Address: 510 E Main St, Antlers, OK 74523, United States

Contact: +1 580-298-3341



A hospital must be capable of adapting to rapid technological change.

Every great hospital is built on cutting-edge technology, first-rate facilities, and well-informed doctors and staff. Hospitals place an emphasis on patient empowerment by providing all pertinent information.



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