Best Centers for Hair transplant in Texas 2022

Most centers for hair transplant in Texas select one of two transplant methods: follicular unit transplantation (FUT) or follicular unit extraction (FUE).

Hair transplant is a type of surgery that moves existing hair to fill in areas with thin or no hair.

Doctors have been performing these transplants in the United States since the 1950s, but techniques have evolved significantly in recent years.

The procedure is typically carried out in the doctor’s office. First, the surgeon cleans your scalp and injects medicine into the back of the head to numb it.

Both men and women can be bothered by hair loss.

While it is more common in men, it can also affect women. Hair loss, whether it’s a receding hairline or a thinning crown, can lead to insecurity and a negative self-image.

Hair loss affects nearly two-thirds of men in the United States.

The good news is that there are treatments available that can restore youthful hair. Specialists in hair loss can help you get the treatment you need to feel like yourself again.

Here are some hair specialists in Texas

Hair transplant in Texas

1. Houston Hair Transplant Center

Dr. Jezic specializes in hair transplant surgery in Houston. Dr. Jezic began performing hair transplants in 2013, after observing how advances in FDA-approved NeoGraft technology made less invasive FUE procedures more viable for patients.

The services they offer include, beard hair regrowth, transplantation of beard hair, transplantation of brow hair, transplantation of facial hair, female hair regrowth, extraction and transportation of follicular units, hair transplants, hair loss treatments, hair replacement surgery, treatment for hair restoration, fue neograft hair restoration, oral medication for neograft hair transplant, cosmetic surgery.

Address: 4101 Greenbriar Dr Suite 200, Houston, TX 77098, United States

Contact: +1 713-864-230


2. Bosley – Hair Restoration & Transplant

For over 45 years, Bosley, America’s most trusted and experienced hair restoration and hair transplant expert, has pioneered the art and science of hair restoration for men and women.

They have performed over 430,000 surgical hair restoration procedures and helped thousands of people with non-surgical hair loss solutions.

Also, they provide the most recent non-surgical and surgical hair restoration options, such as the Bosley FUE, FUT, low-level laser therapy, eyebrow restoration, scalp micropigmentation, and bosley professional strength products.

Services also include, bariatric surgery for baldness, hair transplants, hair loss treatments, hairline reconstruction, laser hair regrowth, laser therapy, medical attention, the use of micrografts, hair restoration without surgery, prp for permanent makeup, scalp massage, scalp micropigmentation (SMP), hair thinning.

Consultations are free and informative at any of their 70 locations.

Address: 5949 Sherry Ln #1150, Dallas, TX 75225, United States

Contact: +1 469-213-3328


3. MAXIM Hair Restoration & Transplants

MAXIM Hair Restoration in Houston, Texas offers a safe, affordable, and permanent hair transplant.

Their hair transplant doctors, physicians, and surgeons are experts in both the strip technique known as Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and the no-stitch, no-linear scar procedure known as Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

In addition, they provide non-surgical Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). MAXIM hair transplants are very affordable, and they offer free consultations in-person or via Skype.

Services include eyebrow transplants, facial & body hair transplants, facial hair restoration, facial hair transplant, female hair loss, female hair transplant, hair grafting, hair grafts, hair implants, hair loss treatments, hair replacement surgery, hair restoration treatment, laser hair therapy and micro needling treatment.

Address: 4101 Greenbriar Dr, Houston, TX 77098, United States

Contact: +1 713-538-2614


4. Arocha Hair Restoration

Dr. Bernard Arocha, founder of Arocha Hair Restoration. He provides excellent, cutting-edge hair restoration surgery.

He is one of a select group of surgeons who is helping to establish a new standard in the field.

His services include, advanced hair transplantation, robotic hair transplant, brow lifts, cosmetic surgery, eyebrow hair restoration, eyebrow hair transplant, facial hair restoration, facial hair transplant, follicular unit extraction and transplantation, FUE hair transplant FUT hair transplant, hair extensions, hair grafts, hair growth therapy, hair restoration surgery, etc.

Address:13785 Research Blvd #125, Austin, TX 78750, United States

Contact: +1 512-992-8604


5. Limmer Hair Transplant Center

They specialize in the prevention of hair loss. They also provide a variety of hair loss solutions, including hair transplants, medicinal therapies, and other non-surgical procedures, to help clients keep the hair they want.

Services include, cosmetic artas, robotic hair transplant procedures, transplantation of ethnic hair, transplantation of the brows, facial hair transplant, treatments for hair growth, preventing hair loss, therapy with laser light, scalp micropigmentation, surgical hair replacement.

Address:6810 West Ave Suite A, San Antonio, TX 78213, United States

Contact: +1 210-496-9992


6. Texas Hair Restoration Center

The Texas Hair Restoration Center is located in Austin, Texas, and has a history of providing care to men and women seeking treatment for hair loss.

They work with patients to guide them through the process of diagnosing the cause of their hair loss, medical management, and even surgical hair restoration.

Dr. Pearce has years of aesthetic training in facial aesthetics and hair restoration to assist patients in reaching their objectives.

Services include, cosmetic artas, robotic hair transplant, eyebrow hair transplants, injections of growth factors into the eyebrows, medication for hair loss, preventing hair loss, treatments for hair loss, treatments for hair regrowth, hair replacement surgery, treatment for hair restoration, hair laser therapy, hair restoration without surgery, therapy with plasma, PRP hair restoration, etc.

Address: 1600 W 38th St Suite 300, Austin, TX 78731, United States

Contact: +1 830-356-3809


7. McGrath Medical Services

Dr. McGrath is one of only a few hair restoration surgeons in the world who has completed the ABHRS Fellowship Program, the only certification recognized by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery.

He only performs Ultra-refined Follicular Unit Hair Restoration, which is considered the “Gold Standard” in natural hair restoration surgery, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) with the New NeoGraft Automated Hair Transplant System for virtually scarless donor hair extraction, and ACell + PRP Hair Regrowth Therapy for men and women who are experiencing hair loss.

His services include cosmetic surgery for bald spot, beard hair transplant, exosome hair loss treatment, eyebrow hair regrowth, transplantation of brow hair, FUE hair transplant, FUT hair transplant, hair transplants using neografts, therapy with laser light, medical services.

Address: 2500 W William Cannon Dr Suite 305, Austin,United States

Contact: +1 512-474-4247


8. Hair Specialists Houston

Dr. Linville offers a variety of treatment options based on patients specific needs. Services include, transplantation of brow hair, FUE hair transplant, transplantation of female hair, extraction  and transplantation of follicular units, treatment for total hair loss, hair regrowth, neograft hair transplantation, non-surgical hair, hair restoration with PRP, stem cell treatments for receding hairlines, tight hairstyles for thinning hair.

Address: 7400 Fannin St #850, Houston, TX 77054, United States

Contact: +1 713-678-0019


9. Dallas Hair MD

Dr. Saba Shabnam has decades of medical experience and he is a Texas licensed transplant practitioner.

Dallas Hair is a Center for replacement of permanent hair loss non-surgical hair replacement, treats hair loss, thinning, receding hairline, and baldness.

Their team has years of experience performing cutting-edge aesthetic procedures. other services include, male hair regrowth, female hair restoration, eyebrow restoration, beard restoration, and other services are available.

Address: 1601 Lancaster Dr Suite 160, Grapevine, TX 76051, United States

Contact:+1 817-510-9645


10. The Paragon Hair Clinic

Dr. Bishara is a board-certified hair restoration surgeon and a global leader in bio-enhanced robotic hair restoration.

Dr. Bishara offers the most recent hair transplantation technique known as robotic follicular unit extraction (RFUE) – a painless procedure that does not require a scalp incision.

Services include, robotic artas FUE hair transplantation, beard transplant, transplantation of facial hair, extraction of follicular units, FUE hair transplantation, hair loss treatment and prevention, hair replacement surgery, etc

Address: 1101 Matlock Rd Mansfield, TX 76063, United States

Contact: +1 817-473-2877



Most of us take our locks, like our health and youth, for granted until they’re gone. A hair transplant can help many people restore what appears to be a full or at least fuller head of hair.

If you are bothered by thinning on top or going bald, the procedure can help you feel more confident about your appearance.

However, before proceeding, speak with your doctor about what to expect during and after the procedure. Medical experts must first assess your level of hair loss and overall health.



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