Best 7 Centers for Hair Transplant in Manchester

During a hair transplant, little punch grafts from the scalp are removed, or a bigger piece of the scalp is removed from a donor area and divided into smaller pieces for use as grafts. Then, these grafts are moved to a scalp region that is bald or losing hair.

Hair Transplant in Manchester

  1. Manchester Hair Transplant Clinic

The staff at Manchester Hair Transplant Clinic is aware of the issues both men and women face as a result of hair loss.

By the time they are 30 years old, over 30% of men have conditions like male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia), which increases to up to 80% by the time they are 80.

For their UK clientele, Manchester Hair Loss Clinic offers a variety of cutting-edge hair transplant methods that produce ground-breaking and durable outcomes.

They assist people in regaining their confidence and hairlines.

At the Manchester hair transplant clinic, they also pride themselves on offering leading patient care such as;

  • Beard Transplant
  • Eyebrow Transplant
  • Follicular Unit Extraction
  • Follicular Unit Transplant
  • DHI Technique
  • Post Procedure
  • Other Treatments
  • PRP Hair Treatment
  • Scalp Micropigmentation

Address: 53 Fountain St, Manchester M2 2AN, United Kingdom

Phone: +441618211669

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  1. UK Hair Transplant Clinics

For the past eight years, UK hair transplant clinics have produced excellent outcomes. All of their surgeons are extremely skilled and have extensive industry knowledge.

The government’s “Care Quality Commission” (CQC) registers and regulates each clinic to ensure that they adhere to the necessary standards and that all of their treatments are delivered in a secure setting.

They not only keep their standards current, but they also give each patient they see a lot of thought.

Their skilled and dedicated staff of hair transplant doctors offers straightforward guidance and 24/7 care close to home so you can feel comfortable and supported at every turn.

They pride themselves on their dedicated aftercare service, whereby each patient is given their own coordinator for help before and after surgery.

Their services include;

  • Men’s Hair Transplants
  • Scalp Micro Pigmentation
  • Non-Surgical Solutions
  • Eyebrow Transplants
  • Beard Transplants
  • Female Hair Solutions

Address: Lower Ground Floor, Pall Mall Medical, 61a King St, Manchester M2 4PD, United Kingdom

Phone: 08000430993


  1. Hair Growth Centre

Hair Growth Centre is one of the biggest hair regrowth facilities in the UK, they have the most advanced medical equipment and staff.

All procedures are performed at one of their UK facilities, and they have one of the most thorough training programs for their hair transplant surgeons.

Tens of thousands of men and women utilize Hgc’s customized formulae for combustion and hair loss treatment, which are approved by physicians and other medical professionals.

Their services include

  • Afro Hair Transplant
  • Beard Transplant
  • Eyebrow Transplant
  • Hair Transplant Scar Removal
  • Hair System Management
  • Intense Photo-Diode Therapy
  • HGC Unlimited Grafts
  • Non-Surgical Micro Grafting
  • Photo Diode Therapy
  • Surgical Micro Grafting
  • Easy Graft Calculator

Address: 4th Floor Speakers House 39, Deansgate, Manchester M3 2BA, United Kingdom

Phone: +441614704504

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  1. Farjo Hair Institute

One of the top centers of excellence in the world and a household name in hair transplant surgery is the Farjo Hair Institute.

Their medical practice is unusual in that it integrates hair transplant surgery, hair loss treatment, scientific research on hair, and training in hair restoration.

They have some of the most highly regarded physicians in the world who have published the most research in this area.

The Farjo Hair Institute is dedicated to the continual investigation and creation of novel approaches to stop hair loss.

Their objective is to work with patients on an individual basis and offer a solution to treat hair loss, no matter how severe or how it manifests itself.

Beyond this, their focus is to educate both those who wish to seek treatment and professionals within their industry in the hope of setting a universal standard of excellence within their field.

Address: 70 Quay St, Manchester M3 3EJ, United Kingdom

Phone: +443333704004


  1. KSL Clinic

The top hair loss clinic in the UK is KSL Clinic, which also provides consulting services in Cardiff, Newcastle, and Birmingham. It operates out of locations in Kent and Manchester.

They are the busiest clinic in the United Kingdom and are pleased to have treated so many prominent celebrities.

Here at KSL, they want to provide every man and woman who suffers from hair loss the confidence to move on with their lives by assisting them in removing any obstacles standing in the way of total happiness with their appearance.

The clinic’s hair loss treatments are not only very reasonable, but also very effective. Each client is treated equally, regardless of their financial situation or specific needs, and the clinic takes great pride in its excellent reputation.

Some of their services include;

  • Male Hair Loss
  • Female Hair Loss
  • FUE Hair Transplant
  • Beard Transplants
  • Eyebrow Transplants
  • Hair Transplants for Women
  • Laser Hair Treatment
  • PRP Treatment

Address: 3, Waters Edge Business Park, Modwen Rd, Salford M5 3EZ, United Kingdom

Phone: +441615030537


  1. Vinci Hair Clinic

The greatest level of professionalism, expertise, and customer service that their clients have grown to expect and demand will be provided to you because they value you.

Their highly skilled hair restoration specialists are committed to providing excellent service and passionate about what they do.

Throughout with offering state-of-the-art hair restoration, their staff will support you along the way with professionalism and friendliness so that you always feel welcome and cared for.

Services are;

  • Hair Transplant
  • Beard Transplant
  • Micro Scalp Pigmentation
  • Eyebrow Transplant
  • Medical Treatments
  • Hair Care Products

Address: Piccadilly House, 49 Piccadilly, Manchester M1 2AP, United Kingdom

Phone: +441615434455

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  1. Crown Clinic

Dr Asim Shahmalak runs Crown Clinic, one of Britain’s most successful and best-known hair transplant clinics.

Their philosophy is to provide the best possible solution that suits your features and makes you feel amazing.

They offer state-of-the-art facilities and one-to-one consultations for all their patients with Dr Shahmalak himself.

Services include;

  • FUE Hair Transplants
  • FUT Hair Transplants
  • Eyelash Transplants
  • Eyebrow Transplants
  • Beard and Sideburn Transplants
  • Beard to Scalp FUE Transplants
  • Hair Transplant Repairs
  • Female Hair Loss
  • Scalp Micropigmentation

Address: Ground Floor, Global House, 16 Bailey Ln, Wythenshawe, Manchester M90 4AB, United Kingdom

Phone: +443452100300



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