Best 6 Acupuncturists in Las Vegas

Most acupuncturists in Las Vegas have gone a long way in helping people treat different neurological, respiratory, musculoskeletal, gynecological and emotional issues.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine work in an entirely different way from pharmaceutical treatment.

What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting needles into specific points on the body. These points are located at particular sites along energetic pathways called meridians, which traverse the entire length of the body.

The Chinese concept of “qi’ energy in reference to health is that as long as free flow of “qi” is maintained in the circuits of the body, a person remains healthy.

However, once there is a blockage of energy in one or more of the pathways, the system is disrupted and illness occurs.

Acupuncture works by regulating qi flow and restoring the energetic circuitry system of the body.

The meridians in the body are associated with either yin or yang, and sometimes bear the names of the five element organs they are associated with.

For instance, there is a liver meridian, a kidney meridian, and a spleen meridian, which are all yin meridians.

Because the twelve primary meridians relate to the five element organs, they also are associated with the emotions, mental aspects, and all other aspect of the particular element they belong to.

The meridian system also relates to the Bagua and the way energy changes and moves through the Bagua system.

For example, the Bagua teaches us those opposites balance each other, so to treat pain in the right knee, we might decide to put needles in associated points in the left elbow.

Acupuncture is a very practical method of adjusting the energetic circuitry in the body.

By inserting metallic energetic conductors (needles) we stimulate nerve and inflammation response to move and balance bioenergy.

Skilled acupuncture practitioners utilize yin and yang theory, five element theory, and Bagua methods to bring balance to the whole of the energetic system.

More and more hospitals and Western medical doctors are embracing acupuncture as a valuable method for healing.

Many people, however, are still not aware of the various applications of acupuncture for the treatment and prevention of a multitude of health conditions.

How does Acupuncture Work?

Everything is made of energy. The ancient Chinese called this energy “qi’. Qi travels through the body along pathways called meridians.

As long as free flow of “qi” is maintained in the circuits of the body, a person remains healthy. However, once there is a blockage of energy in one or more of the pathways, the system is disrupted and illness occurs.

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting needles into specific points along the meridian pathways. Acupuncture works by regulating qi flow and restoring the energetic circuitry system of the body.

In essence, acupuncture assists the body in its own process of self-healing.

Acupuncture is relatively painless. Treatment with acupuncture is well known for its effectiveness in treating chronic pain.

Many people are unaware, however, of the many applications of acupuncture.


Acupuncturists in Las Vegas

  1. Acupuncture Las Vegas

They provide effective, compassionate, medical care for patients who are in pain or are suffering from a medical condition.

Doctor Kyo Mitchell has a Doctorate degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from Bastyr University.

He also has a Master’s degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from same Bastyr University and Master’s degree in Public Health from Northern Illinois University


  • One Treatment (Assessment, Acupuncture Treatment and Chinese Herbal Medicine Consult): $80
  • Three treatments (Assessment, Acupuncture Treatment and Chinese Herbal Medicine Consult) – must be done within 14 calendar days – $150
  • Chinese Herbal consultation only: Initial visit – $45
  • Follow up Chinese herbal consultation only – $3

Address: 2400 N Tenaya Way Suite 117 Las Vegas, NV 89128

Tel: 702-481-6216

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  1. Acupuncture Vegas

Acupuncture Vegas is an Oriental Medical facility offering acupuncture treatments, herbal medicine, and traditional Oriental Medical healing therapies.

The Acupuncture Vegas Oriental Medical Doctors are;

  • Dr Alyssa Wampole – OMD, LAc, Dipl. O.M.

Alyssa Wampole, OMD received her Master’s in Oriental Medicine in 2005 from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California.

She has been practicing acupuncture in Las Vegas, Nevada since 2009, and is a practitioner of the “Balance Method” style of acupuncture, as taught by Dr. Richard Tan.

In years past Dr. Alyssa has taught as a professor and clinic supervisor at Wongu University of Oriental Medicine in Las Vegas.

She has a background in Asian bodywork and massage therapy and is certified to teach Yoga, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong.

Dr Alyssa co-authored the book, Nourishment for the Spiritual Warrior, which is a user-friendly manual about raw vegan foods, superfood nutrition, alternative medicine, and positive lifestyle enhancement.​

  • Dr Heather Galloway – OMD, Dipl. O.M.

Heather Galloway, OMD, received her Master’s Degree of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and her Bachelor of Science in Natural Health Sciences from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA.

She completed several internships at the Bastyr Clinic for Natural Health as well as at the Chronic Fatigue Clinic and International Clinic at Harborview Hospital in Seattle, WA.

Her international studies included an internship at Chengdu University of TCM Hospital in Chengdu, China.

Heather had a private practice in Lynnwood, Washington for over four years where she specialized primarily in pain management, before she and her family relocated to Las Vegas.

She is a NCCAOM Board Certified Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist.

Heather is passionate about natural medicine and the finding harmony within.

As a practitioner her main goal is to help others see themselves holistically and to create the path to wellness they deserve.


  • New patient initial consultation plus acupuncture treatment: $125
  • Follow up acupuncture treatment: $80
  • Acupuncture follow up treatment with cupping (cupping is an additional twenty dollars): $100
  • Cupping only: $55

Address: 2760 Lake Sahara Drive, Suite 104 Las Vegas, NV 89117

Tel: 7025272821

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  1. Rhee’s Acupuncture

Rhee’s Acupuncture & Herbal Clinic has been serving the Las Vegas Community for over 40 years, under Master Acupuncturist, Dr. Hak Eun Rhee, O.M.D.  Since 2008, his daughter, Olivia Rhee, has joined the practice.

Dr. Hak Eun Rhee, has been practicing Oriental Medicine (Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine) in Las Vegas for the past 45 years.  He enjoys treating pain and golf elbow, since he also enjoys playing golf.

He has graduated from the well-known Kyung Hee University of Oriental Medicine in Seoul, South Korea and also holds a Pharmacy degree from the esteemed Seoul National University.

He has been a leader in the Community by being a pioneer in bringing Acupuncture to the United States.
Practicing since the 1970’s, he has treated many ailments successfully, including stop smoking, migraines, arthritic knees, sciatica, infertility issues, etc.

Dr. Olivia Rhee, joined her father’s practice in Las Vegas in 2008. She is also licensed in the States of California and New York.

She holds a Master of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine and a Master of Science in Vocal Performance & Musical Theatre.

Also, she has always been interested in Acupuncture, since childhood, after her father (Hak Eun), had treated her migraines and arthritic knees.

After experiencing complete recovery from her pain, she was convinced that Acupuncture was an important therapy that allows the body to achieve optimal health and pain relief.

As a passionate singer / performer, she has incorporated her healing techniques while doing her one-woman musical shows at Art Festivals around the world and regularly gives tips to her audiences on how to achieve better health.

Olivia is dedicated to healing, while singing the songs of her soul.

Address: 1995 Paradise Road Las Vegas, NV 89104

Tel: (702) 732-0051

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  1. Lok Acupuncture Clinic

Dr. Peter Lok has served as both President and a member of the Nevada State Board of Oriental Medicine.

Also, Dr. Lok also is a member of the Nevada Oriental Medical Association and the Nevada Society of Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Lok received his professional education and training in Hong Kong.  Additionally, Dr. Lok was able to develop unique professional depth through his close partnership and practice with his father, Professor Yee-Kung Lok.

Professor Yee-Kung Lok served as President of the largest college of acupuncture in Hong Kong and lectured around the world.

Professor Lok also was able to work closely with the Nevada state legislators in 1973, ultimately convincing them that acupuncture should be a recognized area of medicine by providing medical treatment to those who sought it.

Due to the demand driven requests of those patients who benefited first-hand from Professor Lok’s care, Nevada became the first state in the United States to recognize and legalize acupuncture and Chinese medicine as an established and respected area of medicine.

Professor Lok’s pioneering work in the field of acupuncture has been recognized by the Nevada State Legislature on May 2, 2011.

Address: 1818 E Desert Inn Rd Las Vegas, NV 89169

Phone: (702) 732-0178

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  1. True Family Clinic

Yoriko Kubonoya, OMD, owner is Licensed as an oriental medical Doctor in the state of Nevada (OMD), nationally board certified in oriental medicine – acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and biomedicine (Dipl. OM).

He is fluent in Japanese, English and conversational Korean. He is also currently training in the use of Electro-Acupuncture Medicine

In addition, he is from Japan and have been living in Las Vegas since 2012. He graduated from Waseda University in Japan with a degree of Human Sciences and came to Las Vegas to study at Wongu University in the Masters of Oriental Medicine Program.

He is passionate about studying the human condition in relation to health and wellbeing.


Acupuncture: $50 for initial consultation, $75 thereafter. ($125 total for your first visit)

5 treatments: $350 ($70 per treatment)

10 Treatments: $650 ($65 per treatment)

Relaxation Acupuncture: $55 (Acupuncture 25mins + Cupping 10 mins)

If you do not have a specific health concern, this treatment will be great for you.

Address: 1223 S Maryland Pkwy, Las Vegas.

Tel: +17024629258

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  1. Legacy Oriental Medical Center

Legacy Oriental Medical Center has been running its’ practices in Las Vegas since 1995, and for all these years, we have managed to keep up the quality necessary to demonstrate our practice.

They have shown integrity and knowledge in the way we help and perform our duties.  They only use the cleanest needles possible (never reuse) and each room is carefully cleaned before and after each patient.

Their staff is both willing to help and answer any questions you may have about Oriental Medicine.

It is their policy to give only the highest amount of attention and care to each and every patient that comes to their office.

Their clinic has helped out hundreds of patients from those suffering body pains and aches to those with insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

Many patients find that acupuncture and acupressure has helped them in ways that drugs could not. They provide acupuncture treatments, tuina, acupressure, cupping, and many more.

Dr. Huiwen Zhang graduated from Guangzhou University of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5-year program) and has six years of physician experience with Shantou City Central Hospital. In oriental medicine, she has had over 30 years of experience.

In addition, Dr. Zhang’s been successfully running her own business in oriental medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada since 1995 and is continuing to provide the best treatments she can to this day.

She has helped hundreds of patients resolve their problems through all natural means so that they no longer rely on the usage of pain killers and synthetic drugs.

Address: 9163 West Flamingo Road Suite#110 Las Vegas, Nevada 89147

Phone: 702-898-7899 or 702-596-9127

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