Best 15 Nursing Homes in Singapore

Nursing homes in Singapore provide adequate support and services for people who don’t need to be in a hospital but can’t be cared for at home especially the elderly, and those suffering from sicknesses with nobody to care for them.

A nursing home is a facility for the residential care of elderly or disabled people.

Nursing homes may also be referred to as skilled nursing facility (SNF), long-term care facilities, old people’s homes, assisted living facilities, care homes, rest homes, convalescent homes or convalescent care.

Nursing Homes in Singapore

  1. Homage Home Care

Homage is an award-winning personal care solution that combines curated and trained care professionals with smart technology to manage and provide on-demand holistic home and community-based caregiving to seniors and adults, allowing them to age and recover with grace, control and dignity.

Their diverse team of licensed doctors, professional nurses, qualified therapists and trained caregivers come from all walks of life, but have one thing in common “the passion and dedication to deliver the best care to families in their community”.

At Homage Home Care, ensuring the delivery of quality care is their topmost priority, which is why all their Care Professionals undergo thorough reference, background and qualification checks, and a one-to-one interview, before joining Homage.

Services they offer are;

Home Care & Nursing

  • Home Care in Singapore
  • Elderly Care in Singapore
  • Respite Care Singapore
  • Caregivers in Singapore
  • Part-Time Caregivers
  • Private Nurses in Singapore
  • Medical Escort & Transport

Specialised Care

  • Palliative Care
  • End-of-Life Care
  • Dementia Care
  • Stroke Care
  • Parkinson’s Care
  • Cancer Care
  • Post-Surgery Care

Address: 12 Kallang Avenue, #03-19/20, Singapore 339511

Phone: 6100 0055

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  1. Charis Manor Nursing Home

    Charis Manor Nursing Home is a mid to high end private nursing home with the following services and priorities:
    •    Friendly amenities to seniors and custom designed for those with dementia.
    •    Respite care (short term stay), long term stay, and day care.
    •    In-house Executive Chef to customize meals for your loved ones.
    •    Enrichment activities such as art classes, singing sessions, outings, etc.
    •    New possibilities to age gracefully and with dignity.
    •    Dedicated Care Team to ensure that your beloved elderly is well looked after at all times.
    •    Lifestyle that promotes positivity and sense of purpose and empowerment for your loved ones.
    •    Your loved ones’ well-being and sense of belonging come first.

Address: 39 Sims Ave, Singapore 387412

Phone +6567418566

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  1. Bright Hill Evergreen Home

The Bright Hill Evergreen Home (BHEH) is a 436-bedded, accredited non-profit nursing home.

They believe that their residents should enjoy life to the fullest encompassing gracious and healthy living, at the same time minimizing ill health and retaining maximum use of their physical and mental faculties.

Bright Hill Evergreen Home is a voluntary welfare home providing health care services for the aged, sick and destitute regardless of race, language or religion.

They also promote and maintain holistic nursing and medical care to the residents and to discharge them to the community when appropriate.

BHEH is fully committed to meeting the needs of each and every resident. They address the medical and psychological needs of all residents with a spirit of excellence.

The Home provides high quality round-the-clock nursing care to residents by professionally trained nurses, assistant nurses, nursing aides and healthcare attendants.

Their rehabilitation therapy staff are dedicated to strengthening residents’ physical bodies as well as re-establishing their sense of independence.

They provide psychotherapy and counselling to residents and families to address their present or underlying issues enabling them to work towards resolving their difficulties and over-coming the challenges they face.

They aim to adopt a holistic approach of care and support to their residents with involvement of their family members.

Address:  100 Punggol Field Singapore 828811.

Phone: 6459 3492


  1. St. Andrew’s Nursing Home

St. Andrew’s Nursing Home (Buangkok) is a 300 bedded nursing home facility located within Buangkok Green Medical Park.

There are a total of ten wards across five levels that house residents with dementia and stable psychiatric conditions.

Apart from nursing care, they also promote rehabilitative recovery, vocational training among their residents. They have many psychotherapies, counselling and sensory programmes to improve the neuro and social cognition capabilities of their residents.

They also have a dementia and therapeutic garden to allow residents to have better quality of life in this safe Nursing Home environment.

St. Andrew’s Nursing Home cares is for the frail, sick and disabled, providing holistic wellness for the body, mind and soul.

They offer an integrated care programme comprising nursing and psycho-social care, rehabilitation, social and spiritual care.

Their clinical staff provide continuous care to ensure their residents are safe and comfortable. They also provide a range of services to meet the physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual needs of their residents.

Address: 60 Buangkok View, S534012

Phone: 6880 5330


  1. Pacific Healthcare Nursing Home

Pacific Healthcare Nursing Home, as a vital part of their mission and duty, are built to provide well-equipped facilities, trained staff and the best possible care to not only enhance the physical wellbeing of their seniors, but to also encourage them to experience the joys of life, social connection and the spirit of community.

They deliver patient-centric care based on their core values of care, compassion and medical excellence.

Also, they maintain and improve the quality of life for their residents by serving them with diligence and professionalism

Their nurses are trained to assist the elderly in daily tasks such as hygiene and bathing and ensure that they have proper nutrition.

Their physiotherapy assistants also help in post-stroke recovery. Their staff engage the seniors in activities like arts and craft, helping them to remain mentally alert.

They offer the following services;

  • Nutrition
  • Social & Emotional Wellbeing
  • Physio & occupational therapy
  • Rehabilitation
  • Long term care
  • Respite care

Address: 6 Lengkok Bahru, Singapore 159051

Phone: (65) 6272 3133


  1. Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio (Nursing Home)

Ren Ci @ Ang Mo Kio is a purpose-built nursing home with 472 beds that allows their seniors to age in more homely environment with greater autonomy and dignified living in a space-efficient way.

Each cluster has rooms with four beds, a shared living space, activity area, dining area and bathrooms, forming a household unit.

The design of the home allows for a smaller-scale and more familiar environment to support residents’ activity of daily living, and yet promotes interaction among seniors.

Address: 10 Ang Mo Kio Ave 8, Singapore 567727

Phone: +6563556316


  1. Pearl’s Hill Care Home

Pearl’s Hill Care Home started operations in January 2016 and is Singapore’s first government-run nursing home.

Managed by Vanguard Healthcare, the 129-bed facility is nestled amid the lush greenery and tranquility of Pearl’s Hill, which provides a conducive environment for their residents to recuperate.

Centrally located in the heart of Chinatown, the facility is easily accessible by MRT and buses, making it convenient for family members to visit their loved ones.

Address: 5 Pearl’s Hill Road Singapore 168996

Phone: +65 6320 9818


  1. Woodlands Care Home

Woodlands Care Home started operations in October 2017 and is Singapore’s second government-run nursing home.

Managed by Vanguard Healthcare, the 248-bed facility, co-located with a Senior Care Centre, is part of a growing neighbourhood in the North. Its charges are affordable and government subsidies are available for those who qualify.

Address: 2 Woodlands Rise Singapore 737749

Phone: +65 6540 9200


  1. Tampines Care Home

Tampines Care Home started operations in August 2018 and is Singapore’s third government-run nursing home.

Managed by Vanguard Healthcare, the 301-bed facility, co-located with a Senior Care Centre, is part of a growing neighbourhood in the East.

The facility offers a range of residential services at affordable rates. Government subsidies are available for those who qualify.

Address: 31 Tampines Street 61 Singapore 528564

Phone: +65 6541 9500


  1. Bukit Batok Care Home

Bukit Batok Care Home started operations in April 2019 and is Singapore’s fourth government-run nursing home.

Managed by Vanguard Healthcare, the 238-bed facility is part of a growing neighbourhood in the West.

The facility offers a range of residential services at affordable rates. Government subsidies are available for those who qualify.

Address: 11 Bukit Batok West Ave 9 Singapore 657995

Phone: +65 6843 7168


  1. Senja Care Home

Senja Care Home started operations in August 2021 and is the first nursing home in Singapore to be co-located with a polyclinic.

Also, Senja Care Home has a capacity of 365 beds and 60-day care places, and offers community rehabilitation and physiotherapy services at affordable rates. Government subsidies are available for those who qualify.

Address: 50 Woodlands Road Singapore 677726

Phone: +65 6321 6380


  1. NTUC Health (Chai Chee) – Nursing Homes

NTUC Health’s nursing homes are developed with their residents at heart, especially those with dementia and other conditions requiring round-the-clock care.

Their facilities are thoughtfully designed to provide a warm and welcoming environment for engaging in both social activities and living.

Through their services and support, your loved one can benefit from their stay and manage their health and well-being at their nursing homes.

They encourage their residents to perform simple functional tasks independently, volunteer, be active, and regain autonomy and confidence through their customised rehabilitation programmes.

Address: 35 Chai Chee St, Singapore 468984

Phone: 6590 4300


  1. Orange Valley Nursing Homes

Orange Valley is one of Singapore’s largest private nursing home operators.

They strive to meet the needs of the elderly with five nursing homes strategically located around the island, with over 900 beds in a range of bed types.

All their nursing homes are approved to accept residents with government subsidies for elderly step-down care as administered by the Agency for Integrated Care.

In all the areas of operation, they are guided by the philosophy of “Always Residents First”.

Whether it’s the design and layout of the residents’ environment, or the planning of daily activities, they pay attention to the smallest details to ensure their residents feel at home.

They are proud to have a team of well-trained and dedicated health care professionals on board who are guided by the best evidence-based practices.

Their attending doctors, nurses, physiotherapist, occupational therapists, dietitians and healthcare assistants all personify the phrase, “care from the heart”. To them, each resident is a unique individual.

Their residential nursing care includes:

  • Long-term care
  • Short-term/Respite care
  • Dementia/Psychiatric care
  • Medical/Specialty care
  • Overall geriatric care

Address: 2 International Business Park The Strategy Tower 1, #10-11 Singapore 609930

Phone: 6499 4699


  1. Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home

Catered for the sandwich-class elderly – those who do not qualify for government-funded homes but also cannot afford the more expensive, profit-driven private homes with top priorities on affordability and personalised eldercare.

Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home have strived to be a leading provider of eldercare services by providing innovative, high impact solutions to improving the health and wellbeing of the residents.

They provide affordable, professional and personalised eldercare services for the needy and sick in Singapore regardless of race, language or religion.

Some of their services are;

  • Nursing
  • Education
  • Psychosocial
  • Dietary
  • Respite
  • Counselling
  • Assistance
  • Medical
  • Rehabilitation
  • Pharmaceutical


Address: 1 Thomson Lane Singapore 297728 (Thomson Home)

Phone:6256 8502


148A Silat Ave, Singapore 168871 (Silat Home)

6276 2493


  1. Jamiyah Nursing Home

Jamiyah Nursing Home, a non-profit and charitable organization, is another service project from Jamiyah Singapore.

It is a subsidized Nursing Home accredited by the Ministry of Health to provide step-down care for patients requiring long-term nursing care.

The nursing home has the capacity for 185 beds with more than 55 administrative and nursing staff supporting the Home.

They provide services for the healthcare needs of the elderly in the Community.

Patients are catered to their specific medical needs through the Individual Care Plan, with services that include the Senior Care Centre, Dementia Ward, Integrated Home Day Care and the Community Befrienders’ Programme.

Address: 130 West Coast Drive, Singapore 127444

Phone: +65 6776 8575



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