Best 10 Animal Hospitals in Los Angeles

Finding ideal animal hospitals in Los Angeles can be difficult due to the abundance of animal care facilities available.

Your pet’s general health and wellbeing is recognized and are always of the utmost importance because animal hospitals and staffs are also devoted and responsible pet parents.

It pays to take into account a variety of criteria before selecting a vet clinic because furry family members demand special care and attention.

Here is a list of Animal hospitals in Los Angeles

Animal hospitals in Los Angeles

1. Grand Park Animal Hospital

The Grand Park Animal Hospital, which is in the heart of Los Angeles, provides veterinary services to members of our neighborhood and those living nearby.

The Grand Park Animal Hospital is dedicated to giving your dog or cat top-notch veterinarian care for the duration of their life.

They are committed to becoming your partner in your pet’s medical care because they recognize the unique function that your pet plays in your household.

No matter what the issue with your pet may be, their team closely collaborates with veterinary professionals in Los Angeles to offer professional medicinal and surgical care.

General well-being and the proper vaccines, dental treatment, in-house diagnostics, general surgery, spays and neuters, therapeutic laser, acupuncture, allergy issues, and nutrition and weight-loss programs are just a few of their services.

With the help of the facility’s on-site pharmacy, in-house laboratory, and digital radiography, they can diagnose and treat patients quickly and effectively.

Address: 333 S Alameda St. Ste 222 Los Angeles, CA 90013

Contact: +1 213-935-8160


2. Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital

In the center of Echo Park, there is a small animal hospital called Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital.

For dogs and cats, they offer a full variety of general practice treatments, such as physical examinations, surgery, dental work, laboratory work, and X-rays.

Their mission is to offer the highest standard of care while assisting your family in making the greatest choices for your dogs at every stage of their lives.

Young Dr. Michelle Zoryan began her career in veterinary medicine by helping her neighbor at his neighborhood zoo.

Dr. Zoryan worked at various clinics all over the Los Angeles region during his time in high school and college. At Kansas State University, Dr. Zoryan earned her doctorate in veterinary medicine in 2003.

Also, Dr. Zoryan joined Mohawk Alley Animal Hospital after finishing a demanding internship at Animal Specialty Group in Los Angeles.

Prior to that, he spent nine years in general practice at a successful animal hospital in Glendale.

Address: 2162 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026, United States

Contact: +1 213-201-7900

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3. Vermont Animal Hospital

Dr. An’s mission for Vermont Animal Hospital is to offer high-quality, reasonably priced veterinarian care. He feels that veterinarian visits should be enjoyable and convenient for everyone, and surgeries should be more economical as well.

Dr. An graduated from Seoul National University in 2003 and continued his education at the college of veterinary medicine there.

He received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree in 2008, and then he made the decision to immigrate to the US through Louisiana State University’s PAVE program.

Dr. An has more than 7 years of experience doing animal surgery and has enjoyed working in a variety of clinics, including the Highland Park Animal Hospital.

Rosie, who was reared in Los Angeles and has worked in the veterinary industry since 2006, was born and raised there. She studied animal biology in college.

Her passion is offering top-notch care and exceptional client services, always going above and beyond to make sure customers are comfortable during trying times.

Address: 1510 S Vermont Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006, United States

Contact: +1 213-263-9500


4. Little Tokyo Pet Clinic

They want to ensure that your pet remains a member of your family for many years to come, whether that means providing them with a little extra TLC when they’re not feeling well or teaching pet parents on how to keep their pets happy and healthy.

The lead physician at Little Tokyo Pet Clinic is Dr. Chung.

She adores all kinds of animals. taking care of dogs, cats, and exotic pets including birds, reptiles, and rabbits.

She worked as a general practitioner and an emergency physician in Southern California after completing Clinical Rotation at the College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University in downtown Los Angeles before opening Little Tokyo Pet Clinic.

Address: 236 S Los Angeles St suite h, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States

Contact: +1 213-537-0989


5. Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital

In the Los Feliz district of Los Angeles, there is a full-service animal hospital called Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital.

For more than 90 years, they have provided care for animals in Los Angeles and elsewhere.

They take pride in providing lifelong health care for your pet because they know they are a beloved member of your family.

With you and your furry family members, they hope to establish a lifelong relationship. Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital was created with the owners of the patients in mind.

Dr. Costin is a veterinarian at heart. Working as a veterinarian at Los Feliz Small Animal Hospital has been a dream come true for him because both his father and grandmother were veterinarians, inspiring and encouraging him to pursue the same career path.

He treats his customers and their pets as if they were members of his own family, working alongside an enthusiastic and brilliant team of experts.

Dr. Costin earned his Bachelor of Science in biology from the University of California, Davis, and his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the Western University of Health Sciences.

His interests include dermatology, gastrointestinal, behavior medicine, and the therapy of chronic and degenerative diseases, in addition to wellness coaching and preventative care.

Address: 3166 Los Feliz Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Contact: +1 323-664-3309


6. DTLAvets

They offer full-service medical care, including advanced diagnostics, anesthetic, surgical, and dental procedures, as your primary veterinarians in DTLAvets.

To keep your pet healthy, they provide wellness care with a focus on preventive medicine as well as treatment for existing health issues.

Western and eastern medical approaches are combined in the emphasis on an integrated approach to healthcare.

A customized treatment plan is developed for each patient using food therapy, acupuncture, Chinese medicines, behavior modification, and exercise in addition to conventional medical therapy and laboratory diagnoses.

In-depth second opinions, hospice care, quality-of-life consultations, and in-home euthanasia are other services we offer. In 2002, Dr. Leia Castañeda received a degree from the University of Prince Edward Island’s Atlantic Veterinary College.

At the Veterinary Medical and Surgical Group in Ventura, California, she started a 12-month rotating internship in small animal surgery, radiography, ophthalmology, and oncology right away.

Address: 333 S Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90013, United States

Contact: +1 213-613-1537


7. The Shatto Veterinary Center

The Shatto Veterinary Center is a full-service animal hospital that provides a comprehensive range of veterinary services to maintain the good health of your cherished pet.

They provide services to satisfy all aspect of your pet’s healthcare requirements, from wellness examinations and immunizations to dental care, soft tissue procedures, and acupuncture.

The in-house lab also provides diagnostic tools, services, and technologies to support their thorough veterinary services with timely and accurate diagnostic testing.

Address: 3130 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020, United States

Contact: +1 213-352-1252


8. Angel City Animal Hospital

With so many pet clinics in Los Angeles offering different animal care services, the task of finding the perfect veterinarian can be overwhelming.

As loving and responsible pet owners ourselves, they understand that your pet’s overall health and wellness are always top priority.

Their furry loved ones deserve special care and attention so it pays to consider a number of factors before choosing a vet practice.

If you need a dependable pet care clinic to give your pets the attention they need, Angel City Animal Hospital in Silver Lake has got you covered.

They are an established animal hospital which offers a wide range of treatments suitable for dogs, cats, small animals and more.

Address: 4364 Fountain Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90029

Contact: +1 323-522-3134


9. Washington Dog and Cat Hospital

For more than 50 years, Washington Dog and Cat Hospital has provided pets and the devoted families who care for them with compassionate, high-quality veterinary care.

Given that they are a full-service animal hospital, they can provide you a range of veterinarian treatments like wellness checks, immunizations, dental care, and cold laser therapy.

Additionally, they provide ophthalmology to address any eye conditions and dermatology to treat skin conditions in cats and dogs.

They will treat your cherished pet like family regardless of whether you are bringing them in to visit us for the first time or have been relying on their medical team for years.

Address: 1692 W Washington Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90007, United States

Contact: +1 323-735-0291


10. Melrose La Brea Animal Hospital and Clinic

Modern medical treatment for your canine or feline friends is what you can expect at Melrose – La Brea Animal Hospital and Clinic.

They support fostering the bond between people and animals and establishing a peaceful coexistence.

You may anticipate a polite receptionist, their kind and compassionate doctors and technicians, and tidy exam rooms. Modern technology, yet outdated methods, are used in our practice.

Your concerns will be heard and taken into consideration here at Melrose LaBrea Animal Hospital & Clinic.

In order to focus more on you and your pet during your consultation, they utilize computers less frequently. they value the part we get to play in the medical treatment of your dogs.

Address: 7116 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States

Contact: +1 323-937-2334



If you’re looking for a reputable animal hospital to provide your pets with the care they require. There are a number of reputable veterinary facility that provides a wide range of services appropriate for dogs, cats, small animals, and more. As a result of the concern for the animals they encounter, they’ve constantly gone above and beyond to ensure that they have the finest visit possible.



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