Best 10 Animal Hospitals in Chicago

There are animal hospitals in Chicago that offer extraordinary services because they believe that pets have feelings like humans.

A veterinary hospital, also known as a “animal hospital,” is a veterinary practice facility where patients are confined as well as treated.

An animal hospital is typically a larger facility because it provides additional services such as boarding.

If necessary, animal hospitals will keep pets overnight and are equipped to perform more complex surgical procedures.

These facilities frequently have in-house diagnostic equipment such as x-rays, laboratories, and ultrasounds.

Unfortunately, pet neglect, compassion fatigue, and morbidity are all on the rise.

Veterinarians care for domestic animals such as cats, dogs, chickens, horses, cows, sheep, pigs, and goats, as well as wildlife, zoo animals, pet birds, and ornamental fish.

Animals treated range in size from newborn hamsters to adult elephants, as do their economic values, which range from the intangible value of pet animal companionship to the high monetary value of a winning racehorse.

Medicating this wide range of domestic and wild animals necessitates specialized knowledge and skills.

Most clinical-practice veterinarians only treat companion animals in their clinics or animal hospitals.

The majority of the remaining clinical practitioners work with both small and large domestic animals, such as cattle or horses. Here is a list of animal hospitals in Chicago.

Animal Hospitals in Chicago

1. Ravenswood Animal Hospital LLC

Their mission is to provide pets with healing and wellness.

This is accomplished through detailed history taking, thorough physical exams, appropriate diagnostics, and tailored treatment plans.

To treat pets, they offer traditional modalities as well as complementary therapies such as acupuncture and chiropractic.

Services rendered are, animal chiropractic and acupuncture treatment and alternative medicine for advanced soft tissue surgeries.

They also offer emergency care, animal relocation, veterinary therapy, behavioral guidance, canine search and rescue, chiropractic therapy, alternative therapies, treatment in addition, complete physical exams, radiography using digital technology, radiology on the Internet, end-of-life care for dogs with ear cropping, certificates of health, hours of holistic medicine, emergency services, home visits, illness treatment, internal medicine.

Services for laboratories also include, lick granulomas treatment, medicine treatment using acupuncture and surgery, trimming of nails, pet loss assistance, rehabilitation therapy, medicine for prevention, primary health care, kitten and puppy care, veterinary care for small animals, vet care for spay/neuter.

Address: 2752 W Montrose Ave, Chicago, IL 60618, United States

Contact: +1 773-539-7387

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2. North Center Animal Hospital

North Center Animal Hospital has been serving the community for over 60 years and is a full-service veterinary hospital. Their goal has always been to ensure that family pets live as long and as comfortable a life as possible.

Services rendered are surgery and anesthesia, counseling for behavior, blood analysis, cardiology services, compassionate treatment, physical exam, cleanings and extractions of teeth, dental examination, dog obedience, dental Health, appointments for drop-off, electrocardiography services using an EKG machine, critical and emergency care, endoscopic techniques, preventing external parasites, fecal examinations, flea, tick, and heartworm prevention for feral cats, food distribution, counseling for loss, and dental care at come.

Other services include in-hospital laboratory tour, internal medicine, diagnostic tests in the laboratory, medical care and medicine distribution, online nutritional and dietary pharmacy, control of parasites, insurance for pets, pets information, reference for radiology, ultrasound and endoscopy laboratory, routine preventive medicine, testing for serum allergies, specialized spay and neuter care, stool examination, dental and surgical tooth examination.

Address: 1808 W Addison St, Chicago, IL 60613, United States

Contact: +1 773-327-5050

3. Kragness Animal Hospital

Dr. Kragness’ grandfather, father, and uncle founded Kragness Animal Hospital in 1908, where they serviced Borden’s Milk horses as well as small animals.

Service includes, animals that are unusual, expression of the anal gland, services for animal hospitals, annual examination, microchip blood tests avid, vaccines for dogs and cats, influenza in dogs, canines rabies vaccination and compassionate veterinary treatment.

Others include vaccines of primacy, cleanings of the teeth, diagnostic services for dental health, vaccination for distemper, examination of the feces, leukemia in cats, vaccines for cats, treatment for fleas and ticks, flea and tick protection, grooming and boarding flu shot, heartworm illness, ill pets heartworm testing, in-house laboratory, in-house radiology, vaccination against lyme disease, microchip identification and implantation.

Address:11332 S Doty Ave, Chicago, IL 60628, United States

Contact: +1 773-568-2800


4. Animal Medical Center of Chicago

They are a fear free animal care practice that is privately owned and operated. They are experts in Chronic Pet Illness.

Their expert veterinarians provide high quality pet care, which includes pet surgery, dentistry, and medicine, vet anesthesia surgery which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, animal medical clinic, animal experimentation, vaccinations and annual exams, annual vaccinations and taking care of dogs.

Others are cat-friendly procedure, cat’s only carrier, only cats check up, complete a physical exam, extensive examination, service at the curb, cleaning of the teeth, radiographs of the teeth, disease control, dogs digital X-rays, veterinary emergency, fecal analysis, in-house laboratory for geriatric medicine, internal medicine, fluids IV laser therapy, medical and surgical attention, dental surgery and management of pain.

Address:1618 W Diversey Pkwy, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Contact: +1 773-525-3353


5. Burnham Park Animal Hospital

Burnham Park animal hospital is a long-standing, full-service small animal veterinary hospital that offers comprehensive medical, surgical, and dental care. At Burnham Park animal hospital, they are committed to providing high-quality veterinary care to the pets and pet owners of Chicago, Illinois.

They render service for pet boarding, accreditations and certifications for veterinarians, common surgery, advanced medical clinical trial, dental examinations, dental health evaluation and treatment, and ultrasounds for diagnosis.

Other services are dental cleanings for dogs and cats, certificates of domestic health, care at the end of life, ticks and fleas holistic and therapy services by heartworm, services of hospitality, international health indoor boarding, gastrointestinal disorders, services for laboratories, medical treatment, medical records, identification of microchips, plans for paws, allergies to pets, pet care requirements, preventive actions, services for radiography, spaying and neutering, pharmacy stocked for specialized care, examining surgical and dental teeth, certificates of travel, dentistry, laser therapy for animals.

Address: 1025 S State St, Chicago, IL 60605, United States

Contact: +1 312-663-9200

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6. Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic

Wicker Park Veterinary Clinic is a practice committed to providing high-quality pet care in a professional and welcoming setting.

Drs. Cohen, Mowry, Mullin, Darcy, Singleton, Lieberman, and Shortridge specialize in medical, surgical, dental, and general care for pets of all ages, with an emphasis on client education and preventative medicine.

Services include, education, intensive care, radiography using digital technology, ultrasound and digital radiography, dog emergency clinics for the elderly, fecal examination, general treatment, geriatric medicine, travel health certificates, heartworm treatment, internal medicine, heartworm prevention, laboratory examination, implantation of a microchip, nail trimming, animal care, physical examination, pre-anesthetic examination, pre-anesthesia laboratory work prescription refill, preventive medicine, surgery of the soft tissues, surgical procedures for spaying and neutering, weight control and weight control counseling.

Address: 1166 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60642, United States

Contact: +1 773-227-9700


7. Companion Animal Hospital Wicker Park

At Companion Animal Hospital Wicker Park, they are dedicated to providing area pet parents with vital information about what their pet truly requires to live their best life, as well as providing excellent medical, surgical, and emergency care when it is required.

Services rendered are, allergy control, testing for allergies, cat And dog teeth cleaning, cat boarding, cat friendly practice, complete dental cleaning for companion animals, comprehensive laboratory work, curbside service, disease prevention using digital radiography, doggy daycare, dog trainer, elective surgeries in education and behavior counseling, fecal testing for emergency vets, prevention of fleas, ticks and heartworm, maintaining health, hours of care for heartworm disease, plans for house lab testing insurance, therapist of massage, nail trimming, preventing oral health parasites, counseling for animals, dental dare for pets, dermatology for pets.

Address: 2134 W Division St, Chicago, IL 60622, United States

Contact: +1 312-283-7333


8. West Loop Veterinary Care

West Loop Veterinary Care’s veterinarians in Chicago, IL provide exceptional care and customer service to dogs and cats.

To demonstrate their commitment to pets, their animal hospital in Chicago, IL is AAHA accredited, cat friendly, and has many Fear Free Certified team members.

They provide a wide range of veterinary services using cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques, including: puppy and kitten care, wellness treatment, oral and dental health care, surgery, individualized vaccination schedules, radiography using digital technology, on-site comprehensive laboratory, ophthalmology and glaucoma screening, ultrasound allergy testing and management, cardiology, cryotherapy, immediate care, personal touches.

They also offers the following additional services: appointments for “drop-off” or “day-stay”, insulated soundproof cat ward, a separate waiting area is available for shy or nervous pets, cat-friendly procedure, separate feline entrance, among other things.

Address: 815 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

Contact: +1 312-421-2275


9. Oz Animal Hospital Lincoln Park

They are a premier Veterinary clinic in Chicago, providing high-quality care that strengthens people’s special bonds with their pets.

Also, they provide cutting-edge treatments as well as pet-friendly, stress-reduction practices and techniques. Oz Animal Hospital is a fun neighborhood “hub” for pets and their owners in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood, right next to Oz Park.

Services include, boarding for cats, cat-friendly procedure, chiropractic treatment, dermatology, dental digital radiology, emergency care drop-off, emergency veterinary laboratory, laser treatment, medical treatment, nursing care, microchipping pet, online drugstore, management of pain, dental care for pets, pet first aid, pet health insurance, platelet-rich plasma therapy, kitten and puppy care, radiology, ultrasound and vaccines.

Address: 620 W Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614, United States

Contact: +1 773-327-5024


10. Animal Advocate Pet Hospital

Animal Advocate Pet Hospital is a general practice veterinary hospital that serves Chicago’s cats and dogs. Exams, dentistry, vaccinations, and Health Savings Plans tailored to pets are just a few of the services they offer.

They are dedicated to preventive medicine, dentistry, and wellness, monitoring of anesthesia, veterinary clinic, vaccines in blood work, examine companion animals, cleaning of the teeth, cleanings of the teeth, radiology on the internet, disease prevention and control, vaccinations for dogs, dropping off, medical care, certificates of health in-house laboratory, vaccine at a low cost, medical care in a clinic, dental care, dental surgery, pet medical care, animal hospital, physical examinations, preventive medicine, clinic for preventive medicine, routine preventive care, routine senior care, surgical procedures, appointments for telemedicine, services for ultrasound, services for animals.

Address: 1061 W Jackson Blvd ste a, Chicago, IL 60607, United States

Contact: +1 312-471-1728



Animal hospitals refer to all animal care facilities, including veterinary offices, animal boarding facilities, and hospitals.

Veterinarians ensure public safety by monitoring and maintaining the health of animals. Animal Hospital is committed to providing personalized care for pet’s specific needs at every visit.

They understand how important pets are to their owners, and that keeping them healthy requires more than a healthy diet and daily walks.



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