Accredited Pharmacy Schools in Michigan

Pharmacists build their careers on the cutting edge of healthcare. Pharmacy schools in Michigan ensures a high level in training of Pharmacists.

Pharmacy Schools in Michigan

  1. Ferris State University College of Pharmacy

In the College of Pharmacy you will obtain the scientific foundation combined with ample hands-on experience needed to join them.

Their PharmD program will put you side-by-side with their expert science and practice faculty members, who are breaking new ground in biomedical, pharmaceutical, and clinical research.

During your time in the program you will develop the skills needed to become an innovative healthcare leader whose principal aim is to improve the therapeutic outcomes of your patients.

Since its beginning in 1894, the College has taken great pride in providing the State of Michigan, the Great Lakes region and the Nation with exceptional pharmacists capable of advancing the profession while providing the highest level of patient care.

Ferris graduates can be found in every type of pharmacy practice and at every level of the pharmaceutical sciences.

To assist in achievement of its mission, the College revised its Doctor of Pharmacy curriculum in 2009.

The new curriculum, currently in the second year of implementation, provides students with early opportunities to experience the practice of pharmacy and combines several pharmaceutical sciences into integrated courses such as Drug Action and Infectious Disease sequences.

These notable changes provide students with an opportunity to identify correlations between the sciences and experience their relevant application.

To support students focused on careers in management and health care finance, the College has developed a joint Pharm.D./MBA with the College of Business.

The College of Business also provides several certificate programs for students interested in specific aspects of the business of health care and pharmacy.

They are very proud of the College’s long history in the profession of pharmacy, its many notable and influential graduates and the outstanding students that are admitted annually to continue its tradition.

The College’s highly qualified faculty includes over 45 full- and part-time members and an additional 300 adjunct faculty that provide students with an outstanding learning experience in the pharmaceutical sciences and pharmacy practice.

Students have an opportunity to experience pharmacy practice in a variety of health-care systems and pharmacy operations through a state-wide network of pharmacies, health care systems and ambulatory clinics, each staffed by a faculty member.

Address: 220 Ferris Drive, PHR 105, Big Rapids, MI 49307

Contact: 231-591-3780

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  1. University of Michigan College of Pharmacy

University of Michigan College of Pharmacy well-earned reputation for academic and research excellence makes Michigan’s PharmD and PhD programs among the most sought out in the U.S. Contributing to their standing is their enviable record of faculty and alumni success.

Their College also attracts talented PharmD and PhD students for another compelling reason: their financial aid programs are the best of any pharmacy school in the U.S.

They plan to continue this commitment to their students. Located on the central campus of the renowned University of Michigan, the College is minutes from a major life sciences institute, a top ranked teaching hospital and medical center, and a comprehensive range of nationally-ranked schools, colleges departments, and institutes.

Since 1876, the College of Pharmacy has been an internationally recognized leader in pharmacy education and research.

They are “small by design” and have a strong sense of community, not only on Ann Arbor campus but also with their alumni worldwide.

Their longstanding commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion is woven into everything they do, which is reflected in their values.

Also, their research enterprise touches every aspect of pharmacy, and their community includes individuals with extraordinary minds ready to tackle some of the world’s most challenging problems.

This includes ground-breaking and innovative drug discovery research and identifying novel drug delivery methods.

Their faculty are also decidedly committed to teaching within their highly ranked educational programs, meaning that their students learn from those on the frontlines of pharmacy practice and research.

Pharmacy was first taught at the University of Michigan in 1868 in the College of Literature, Science and the Arts.

Michigan Pharmacy has pushed pharmacy education and practice forward throughout its rich history, from the establishment of the first clinical pharmacy residency program to setting the CDC standard for collaborative hypertension care.

Their College is a hub of intersecting basic, clinical, and social science disciplines, leading research centers, scientific institutes and a research-intensive health system that is consistently ranked among the best in the U.S.

Indeed each of their three departments house faculty and students who are pushing their respective disciplines forward toward their ultimate goal: to revolutionize pharmacy practice and healthcare.

Their mission is to educate and inspire a diverse group of future pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists to be leaders, advance patient care, and improve health for all.

They seek to create, disseminate, and apply new knowledge that endows their graduates with the skills, abilities, behaviors, and attitudes necessary to apply the foundational sciences to the provision of inter-professional patient-centered care, management of medication use systems, advocacy of population health and wellness, and collaborative discovery and implementation of solutions to today’s and tomorrow’s healthcare problems.

Address: 428 Church Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1065

Contact: 734-764-7144

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  1. Wayne State University Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

The Eugene Applebaum College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (EACPHS) takes pride in educating and training students in a broad range of health and well-being disciplines that are relevant and growing in demand locally and globally.

Here, the students can expect to receive the highest quality education.

Their team of dedicated faculty and staff are committed to teaching students to become leaders amongst peers and in their profession. EACPHS is also attractive for its many strengths.

They are located in the heart of an urban community and are uniquely positioned to work closely with leading hospitals in Southeast Michigan.

At EACPHS, they offer opportunities to learn and train in diverse settings alongside some of the finest health care professionals.

These hands-on experiences enhance learning and will set you apart from your peers.

Students are exposed to meaningful and important research which expands the depth and breadth of learning.

Their team of faculty, scientists and clinicians conduct innovative research that is recognized both nationally and internationally.

EACPHS has a history of research excellence and having the opportunity to experience and participate in this work greatly expands learning.

EACPHS is committed to offering a first-class student experience through enhanced teaching models, faculty, peer and alumni mentoring opportunities, access to technology, exposure to a strong alumni network throughout Southeast Michigan and beyond.

Their alumni are distinguished members of the society and bring a wealth of information from their lifelong experience to help students build their own career paths of success and distinction.

Also, their commitment to students extends beyond graduation. As a result, EACPHS students perform at the highest level on certification exams and are highly sought after in the job markets.

Their employment rates are over 90%, and in many cases 100% for their programs.

Address: 259 Mack Avenue, Suite 2620, Detroit, MI 48201

Contact: 313-577-1574



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