18 Hospitals in Ghana

Hospitals complement and amplify the effectiveness of many other parts of the health system, providing continuous availability of services for acute and complex conditions. They concentrate scarce resources within well-planned referral networks to respond efficiently to population health needs.

They are an essential element of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and will be critical to meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Hospitals in Ghana

  1. Korle Bu Teaching Hospital

On October 9, 1923, Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Ghana’s top tertiary healthcare center, was founded.

Under Sir Frederick Gordon Guggisberg’s leadership, who was the Governor of the Gold Coast at the time, the institution was constructed as a General Hospital to meet the requirements of the local populace.

The Korle Bu Teaching Hospital currently has 2,000 beds, 21 clinical and diagnostic departments, and three Centres of Excellence.

It is the third largest referral center in Africa. Additionally, there are approximately 250 inpatient admissions per year and 1,500 outpatient visits on average.

Address: Guggisberg Ave, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233302739510

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  1. Ridge Hospital

Simply put, whether you’re ill or feeling under the weather, Ridge Hospital is a first-rate facility to visit. Both the doctors and the nurses display an unmatched level of professionalism.

One of the most stunning locations on the African continent is the facility itself.

Address: Castle Rd, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233247814770


  1. DEL International Hospital

They are a cutting-edge hospital offering a range of in-patient and out-patient treatments to the Accra Metropolis in Ghana’s Greater Accra Region as well as elsewhere.

By means of their skilled staff, they offer you expert medical care. They have the best monitoring, diagnostic, and even life support technology at their facility.

Address: 65/67 Nii Sai Street, 65 Fourth St, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233302543256


  1. Nyaho Medical Centre

In order to offer the greatest nursing and medical treatment in Ghana, the late Dr. Kwami Nyaho Tamaklo founded the Nyaho Medical Center in March 1970.

The Center has been bringing the best international standards of healthcare to Ghana for more than 50 years, leading the way in patient-centered treatment.

In Ghana and the wider West African region, Nyaho Medical Center stands for the very best in primary and specialized healthcare.

Address: 35 Kofi Annan St, Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233-(0)30-708-6490


  1. The Trust Hospital

To provide medical treatment for SSNIT employees and their dependents, a not-for-profit hospital called The Trust Hospital was founded in 1992.

Later improvements transformed the location into a complete hospital so that it could offer its services to the public.

The Trust Hospital Company Limited, the legal name under which it was incorporated, was created in November 2010.

They have three (3) Hospitals- The Trust Hospital, The Trust Specialist Hospital and The Trust Mother and Child Hospital and six (6) Satellite Clinics.

Address: HR79+252, Oxford St, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233302761975

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  1. Family Health Hospital

Family Health Hospital was established in 1993 under the Companies Code 1963, Act 179 to provide diagnostic, laboratory and medical services to both corporate and individual clients.

Family Health Hospital is located in between La General Hospital and Lekma Hospital and now has a 70-bed capacity.

Address: Teshie Rd, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233503326753


  1. Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital

The Ashanti region’s capital Kumasi, home to the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH), has a population of 5,432,485 people (national population census,2021).

The hospital’s 1,200 beds are accessible to all fifteen (15) remaining regions of the country, particularly those that share borders with the Ashanti area, thanks to its geographic location, the nation’s road system, and Kumasi’s distinctive economic environment.

Address: Okomfo Anokye Road, Kumasi, Ghana

Phone: +233 266 083 585 or +233 556 490 029


  1. Lapaz Community Hospital

Lapaz Community Hospital was incorporated in September 2003 under the companies Act 1963 (Act 179) as a private clinic and commenced health service delivery on 2nd May, 2004.

The main facility is located at Abeka –Lapaz along the Anorhuma Street near Lapaz new market expanded from the threshold of a clinic to become a fully-fledged hospital in 2006.

Address: Anorhuma Street, Lapaz

Phone: +233 50 160 6507 or +233 54 019 2894

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  1. Lister Hospital and Fertility Centre

A division of Lister Medical Services, Lister Hospital and Fertility Center was founded on July 1st, 2004. It is a cutting-edge private medical facility and one of West Africa’s most cutting-edge hospitals in terms of technology.

Lister has 25 registered beds, a theater with all the necessary equipment, an emergency department, an imaging and diagnostic radiology center, a laboratory, a fertility center, and a pharmacy with enough of supplies.

Address: Airport Hills Blvd, Accra, Ghana

Phone: 0303-409040


  1. WARA Hospital

Address: 09 Abafun Cres, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233302781258


  1. Ghana Police Hospital

The Ghana Police Hospital was established in 1976. The primary function is providing quality health care to members of the Ghana Police Service and their families and the general public.

Address: HR99+FMF, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233272400071


  1. Sinel Specialist Hospital

Sinel Specialist Hospital is a patient-centred family medical facility that offers cohesive and complete healthcare services to the Tema community and beyond. Good health starts with medical care that is available, affordable, and consistent.

Address: Community 10 Junction, Opposite ECG Training School, Tema

Phone: +2332477324484

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  1. Princess Marie Louise Children’s Hospital

Since 1926, Princess Marie Louise Hospital has established a reputation as one of Ghana’s top providers of pediatric healthcare.

Their highly skilled, board-certified staff is here to open the door for great treatment and care as soon as you enter their doors, and they are dedicated to many more years of excellence.

Address: Post Office Box, GP 122, Accra.  GA-182-5729

Phone: 0302-673344


  1. 37 Military Teaching Hospital

Address: Liberation Road, Accra, Ghana

Phone: +233302777595


  1. Asafo-Boakye Specialist Hospital

Asafo-Boakye Specialist Hospital is a 100 bed fully accredited hospital dedicated to providing the finest medical and healthcare services in Ghana.

Address: 10 Dr Asafo Boakye St, Kumasi, Ghana

Phone: +233322002982


  1. SAMJ Specialist Hospital

Samj Specialist Hospital is a 60-bed hospital which has various units like Outpatient Department (OPD), Consulting rooms, recovery wards, treatment rooms, labour wards, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), general wards and executive wards.

It also has three (3) theatres for major and minor cases, laboratory, pharmacy and ambulance services.

Address: GE-237-8270 , Ecomog Rd Haatso, Accra

Phone: 0302-900771 or  0509-267731


  1. St. Kathryn’s Hospital

Dr. Dag Heward-Mills founded St. Kathryn’s Hospital, originally the Lighthouse Mission Hospital, in June 2006.

It is a prestigious hospital situated in North Kaneshie, an Accra neighborhood. They have 32 beds and offer general wards, semi-private rooms, and private rooms.

Address: 13 Tsui Anaa Street, Amrkwarteng Street, North Kaneshie

Phone: +233 30 223 5710 or +233 50 140 0685


  1. Narh-Bita Hospital

In the metropolis of Tema, Narh-Bita Hospital has expanded to become one of the biggest private hospitals, offering both general and specialized care to patients as well as coordinating outreach and health education initiatives for neighboring communities.

Address: Community 4 Rd, Tema, Ghana

Phone: 0303 202 720



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